J’ai Fini!

25 Apr

I am finished!

The peach sheers in the guest bath disintegrated when I took them down to be washed (after 20 years, I wasn’t surprised), so now the guest bath’s dominate color is blue:

I completed the grout on the master bath counter top this morning:

I completed the grout on the kitchen counter tops last night:

Note to self:  In the future, avoid all black silicone grout!  I like the effect of the black grout between the counter top and the small back-splash (it hides the fact that I was never able to get a sponge effect into that small space), but the effort to control the silicone was horrendous.

The faux Giani granite top looks very different in each room, especially since I ran out of the 3 sponging paints when doing the last room, the kitchen.  I used a white nail art pen and white acrylic craft paint in a tipped cap bottle to create the veining, then sponged over them with metallic White Pearl, metallic Champagne Gold, and metallic Venetian Gold acrylic craft paint.  I really like the shimmery effect this created:

It took four applications (one more than recommended) of the top coat to get the master bath counter looking smooth:

Next up:  Updating the pickled oak stain on the cabinets in all three rooms.

Since the tile in all the rooms has a pinkish cast, I’m thinking maybe Rosewood:

Or Bombay Mahogany:

Before I think anymore about wood stains, I need to wait 3 days before I can put items back onto the master bath and kitchen counter tops and get things back in working order (right now, I can hardly find anything!).  Then I’ll take a much-deserved “vacation” from home renovation!

Well, after I paint the wall over the roman tub in the master bath this color by Glidden called Bronzed Ivy and hang some orchid prints on it:

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