30 Mar

I ran into a major snag this week in my Spring cleaning plans to fix the faucet in my guest bath (dang!)…

Who knew the “standard” size of the sink basin holes changed during the past 20-odd years from 1 1/8″ to 1 3/8″?  That tiny ¼” difference might as well been a foot. Since I wasn’t going to replace the basin, I had to return the beautiful waterfall faucet I planned to use and now will be using this faucet:

This alternative is actually going to save me about $38 per installation because the drain plug is included, it doesn’t need a separate escutcheon (it’s built into the faucet), and I won’t have to spend any money on water line conversion hardware (the waterfall faucet lines were smaller than what was coming out of my wall; this was also the case with the new kitchen sink, but those lines came with the hardware to do a “custom” installation where I cut off the too-small threaded ends of each line and, with the help of two little gaskets supplied with the faucet, was able to re-utilize the larger threaded nuts from the old installation).

Here is the hardware I ordered this week to change out the two sink faucets in the master bath:

It may be a look that is on its way out, but I love the oil-rubbed bronze finish.  Since I have 5 stained glass lamps in the master bedroom that have this same finish, I was very happy to find this faucet for only $9 more than the one for the guest bathroom.  The number of single-handle faucets that use all three sink holes is extremely limited.  The water lines in most single-handle faucets today run together up through the middle hole, which necessitates the ¼” larger hole and an escutcheon plate to cover the other two extraneous holes.  The two new faucets I chose use all three holes; the left hole is for the hot water line, the right hole is for the cold water line, and the middle hole is for the mechanism to work the included pop-up drain.  This means the holes can be much smaller because everything hasn’t been crowded into one hole.

Since I saved almost $100 with this change in faucet plans, I decided to change out the lighting in the master bath to match the oil-rubbed bronze finish and the cream color of the sinks:

This light fixture will replace the 7 bulb version of this bare-bulb, bulb-eating monstrosity (a smaller version will stay in the guest bathroom for now):

The fallen-down fence has been replaced, the gutters are clean, the house, driveway and sidewalks have been pressure cleaned, the irrigation system is finally up to snuff, I fertilized the lawn, and the leaky garbage disposal has been patched up and the water line to my ice maker is fixed (yay Bob! snog, snog).  I still need to replace two burned out bulbs in the cathedral ceiling in the kitchen (need a really tall ladder and an equally tall handyman), do the faux granite in the kitchen and bathrooms, cut down a dead tree in the backyard, and finish organizing all my art supplies, but at least there’s a large enough dent in the chaos to make me feel I’m making progress!

The snap peas, scallions and watermelon seeds I planted all sprouted.  They’ll be companions to the bell pepper plants Gary gave me (mwah!) and the tomato plants he started for me a couple of weeks back (more mwah!).  He and Karen gifted me with two self-watering planters at the end of this winter (even more mwah!); one will hold the tomato plants and the other already holds the peppers, scallions and two snap peas (the rest of the peas and the watermelon I planted directly into the ground).  Maybe my tomatoes will look like this in a few weeks!

Now, that would truly be something to blog about!

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