More Gifts of Gratitude

7 Dec

Although some people consider the handmade boxes their purchases arrive in to be a gift in and of themselves, I’ve always wanted to do something more.  Since I’ve been on such a paper purse box crafting spree, I modified a large PostIt Note purse idea I saw somewhere on the web to smaller versions that incorporated handmade paper flowers (another idea I saw demonstrated several different ways around the web) and ribbon handles.

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These are small so they’re nice to toss in a handbag and, since my customer focus is women and girls, if a man purchases an item it becomes another gift he can give to his loved one.  Already I’ve sent a few of these out, but they’ve yet to be delivered so I haven’t had any feedback.  The ribbon, card stock, pearls and Velcro dots I had on-hand already, so I purchased a few little PostIt Notes in different colors.  With a “thank you” note printed on the inside along with my website address, the cost of these little freebies was practically free and are a bit of advertisement, to boot!  Those handmade flowers, though, weren’t easy to make without a flower shape punch; I cut each one by hand, wet them, rumpled them, dried them, and stacked and glued them.  As a continuation in the creative process of selling my handmade creations, however, I enjoyed making every one!

I admit I’m awful about bookmarking the pages so I can give credit, but because I don’t bookmark, I also don’t remember exactly how someone else did theirs and make mine up as I go based on my memory of the various ideas I’ve seen.  Plus, I don’t have any of the fancy paper-crafting equipment die-hard scrap-booking and paper-crafting experts use, like punches and die-cutting machines, crimpers and scoring boards, tape guns and plastic templates.  My only bookmark (and it’s a good one that’s led me a lot of interesting places) is Mel Stampz’ website, if you want a good jumping-off place to wander the web for this kind of stuff.

Of necessity, I go the plain old paper and scissors with a ruler and a bone folder route.  As a result, my creations are much more rustic and handmade-looking, but I think that’s okay.  Perfectionist I ain’t, although looking at the horrible condition of my fingernails after spattering dark blue watercolor paint with a toothbrush has me wanting to bite off what little is left of them.

Oh, how I miss having my nails done, just one of many “perk” casualties due to President Obama deciding my cost of living hasn’t changed in the past 2 years (hah!).  I now believe those stories about how little old ladies ended up eating cat food (except have you seen the cost of cat food lately?).  Most days I try to get by on one can of low-sodium soup (unheated to save on electricity) until I have a severe headache from not eating enough; then I have a few crackers with my can of soup.  Medical retirement is a grand thing (not)!

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