Evolving Folder Design and Watercolor

2 Dec

I’ve been giving myself a refresher course in watercolor painting (since the last time I painted in this medium was in the 11th grade, if I remember correctly) using some “ready to paint” tutorials.  First I follow the tutorial exactly, then I do another version using my own colors and techniques that are slowly being dredged up from the bottomless pit that I call a mind.

I’ve also been working on the design I use to create folders to hold notepads, which I sell in my Etsy boutique.  Although I can’t sell the paintings I create using the “ready to paint” tutorials because of copyrights, I can still show them and give them away.

Here is the first of four so far, and I gave this one to myself.  I scanned the image and it was done using the paint colors recommended by the teaching artist (cropped to 5″x8″ from 9″x12″):

My newest folder design is now a double fold with 3 sections.  Instead of the artwork being on the left hand cover, that side is now blank (but retains the pocket) and the excess paper on the right that I usually removed has become the attachment point for the cover art.  This means the folder/artwork cover opens first from left to right and then the inside panel opens from right to left, revealing the notepad in the center.  I also added a ribbon to the spine (rather than onto the front cover), creating a loop to hold a pen in place.

My beloved friend, Barbara, was in town yesterday from Louisiana where she now lives and all of we “girls” got together for lunch.  And I actually was feeling well enough to go!  *SQUEE!*  I had just finished this watercolor, which is the fourth of the four and was done using my own colors and techniques (again cropped) and made her a gift of it (which she used to write down addresses and phone numbers of gals that had changed, directions to places she wanted to visit, etc., proving the value of functional art!):

I changed the folder layout so that it now opens from right to left and made use of pieces of the watercolor that survived the cropping on the inside of the folder:

I’ll be looking into using thin magnets to secure the front cover closed, and then think about making really small versions that will fit in a purse.  I’ll post photos of the other 2 watercolors soon.

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  1. Marvin December 6, 2011 at 12:14 AM #

    Ooooooo! Lovely!

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