Weeds in My Garden

25 Oct

Well, I may not be out in the heat pulling weeds, and I may be avoiding all the other things I should be doing, like completing 6 Goddess necklaces by stamping words on brass blanks, finishing my re-photo project, and changing all my item descriptions to my new shop name for my on-line boutique, FaerieKat’s Dream Faire, and cleaning my house inside and out, but I think these weeds are rather pretty rendered in watercolor and all that other stuff can just hang!

Yep, I’ll do anything to get out of house work, and that includes making more mess to clean up!

This painting was done on a 7X10″ cold pressed ProArt watercolor paper block using Koi watercolor paint in tubes and faux squirrel paintbrushes.  The mat and frame were done digitally.  I used only 3 colors and a wet-on-wet technique, at times throwing large sheets of watercolor wash and liberally using a spray mister.  ProArt’s paper is not particularly great for this kind of treatment, but it hung in there.  I really like the freedom of working this way, but each layer takes FOREVER to dry!

I’m using all my cheap stuff until I really get the knack back from the training I received over 30 years ago and used sporadically over the years.  Fortunately, it’s like the proverbial bicycle; once you learn, you never forget.  You might be a bit wobbly at first until your body recalls that ingrained balance.



4 Responses to “Weeds in My Garden”

  1. Marvin the Martian October 26, 2011 at 11:24 PM #


  2. gt281 October 28, 2011 at 1:48 PM #

    Does a Proverbial bicycle cost more than a Schwinn?
    Proverbials are ridden just by Presbyterians I suppose…
    How about a group of nice Sunflowers in a green vase—I’ll bet nobody has done one of those…

    • Faerie♥Kat October 29, 2011 at 8:27 PM #

      Wow, you are getting feisty; must be real cold up there in the corn fields.

      Proverbial bicycles are free and no Presbyterian would be caught dead riding one because they are instruments of the devil. However, Catholics love them because they are in the Bible under Proverbs. Catholics buy their free proverbial bicycles from the Pope.

      Gonna pass on those sunflowers; word is you have to sacrifice an ear and I already have enough troubles!


  3. gt281 October 30, 2011 at 9:14 AM #

    oh, you heard about the sunflower and the ear thing did yous?—yous too smart for me…


    nice watercolor by the way…

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