I Love Simon’s Cat

13 Oct

I love cats.

In fact, I love cats so much that from the minute I could decide what type of pet I wanted, I’ve always had a cat beside me.

That was until my cat, Missy, died.

That was when two baby Sun Conures moved in as her replacement who (1) were as adorable as the Tequila Sunrises they resembled, (2) I taught to make kissy sounds and a few indecipherable words that only a Mommie could recognize, (3) liked to climb inside my shirt and nibble “peek-a-boo” holes while (4) making sweet chirpy, cooing noises to each other and if they were tired, (5) slept on their backs  cuddled together (first in a brown bag with the end rolled to keep it open and later in a PVC pipe hanging from the ceiling of their cage).

Otherwise were in no way cat-like.  In fact, they were bird-poop messy in and out of their cage, and developed the habit of screaming at the top of their vocal range just because they could.  At no point in their lives did they curl up at the foot of my bed or tuck themselves around my tummy when I was sick, or kindly cover up their messes and bathe themselves without splattering water on everything within a five-foot range.  They molted and had food flinging contests, and if the mood hit them, they could give you a nasty bite.  Most unsatisfactory, in the way of cuddly pets.

Yet I loved them for themselves and, not trusting a cat to snack on them, I turned to the canine world for some cat-like companionship.  Having never had a dog, let along raise or trained at dog, I was quickly trained instead.  The birds, however, I eventually sent off to live in a bird conservatory where they, each being female and having started to lay infertile eggs, could enjoy the amorous attentions of male Sun Conures.

However, while my three Yorkshire Terriers are, indeed, cat-sized, I still miss my cats.

Image my happiness today when I received an email asking me if I had yet discovered Simona’s cat.

Never having heard of Simon or his cat, I hopped over to YouTube to check them out:

This is so exactly like every time I’ve ever introduced a kitten to one of my older cats!

Now I can live vicariously through Simon and his cat companion without having to empty a litter box.

If you prefer your cats to be immobile, check out the books (there are three) on Amazon.

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