Versals vs Purples

15 Sep

I lettered a tile last night for the LWC giveaway in purple Sakura ink with halos, and started what I hoped would be something useable.  I liked the florals I did coming out of a “zenplosion fold,” but the bamboo I did next I did not like at all.  The lines were too heavy and some (many) of the leaves were wonky-looking.  Just to see how the halos were working, I started mindlessly (that IS what Zentangle® is supposed to be, mindless!) doing expanding halos on some curls I drew in the corners.

Today I explored the world of versals (illuminated letters) and created a “blank” set for myself.  I prepared a tile for the first phrase, and it actually went fairly smoothly, considering how small the letters have to be.  I kept the tile very organic, using lots of floral motifs.  I added shading using a graphite pencil and then used two colors of purple Prisma pencil (violet and violet blue) to add some dashes of color.

I like the second effort better than the first.  The jolt of purple in the first is, I think, overwhelming; plus, it looks chalky.

Versal Tile (2nd Tile):

Solid Purple (1st Tile):

If I feel like punishing myself and do this tile over, I think I would space the worlds so no white space would remain at the top (getting rid of the “finery” and “fern” motifs at the top; they’re really heavy-looking), and I would move the feathers and zenplosion fold over one letter (so it would not run into the “s” above).

I’ll sleep on it.

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