Tangle Testing

14 Sep

Laura Pepper, founder of the website Ladies Who Critique, contacted me Monday about sponsoring a giveaway she is currently organizing for her members.  She was very interested in the notebook folders on sale in my Etsy boutique.

Since I am an inveterate bibliophile and a catch-as-can writer myself, and not being adverse to a bit of publicity, I thought it a grand opportunity to support the writing efforts of women.  However, I didn’t want my faerie folders ending up in the hands of non-faerie lovers.  So I proposed to hand make folders themed specifically for Laura’s website using Zentangle® techniques.  Laura enthusiastically approved.

Laura and I decided on these phrases:

  • It’s Time to Write
  • Critique Me!
  • I Write; Therefore, I am

Last night I used my name as a string to try out some ideas.  Here is the result:

I used a 9X12″ sheet of bristol vellum, so this is my largest tangle to date.  Not bad, but my handwriting lacks…professionalism.

So I turned to my gargantuan horde of fonts for inspiration.  Today I played around with the first phrase and taught myself an important lesson:

Again, using bristol vellum, this piece is 4.5X6″.  The LWC logo is purple, so I used that color for the lettering.  To test the lettering, I decided to try more geometrical tangles, and it became very obvious that the lettering needed what is called haloing.  The first word, “It’s,” is completely lost in the tangle, but the halos around the other words ensures that they leap straight out of the background.  The halos also helped keep me from making errors in the tangle.

If this tile had emerged unscathed, I would have mounted it on a blank sheet about 1/2″ wider all-round and created a border/frame using the purple Micron.  Then I would have attached the two sheets to the folder.  I think I would NOT have put a purple bow on this tile because a bow would be too frou-frou; an organic tile, like my name, would be more appropriate for a bow.

I have until October 1st to get at least the first folder done and pics to Laura, so I’d best get crackin’!

The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Learn more at zentangle.com.
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