Pure Mortification

29 Jul

I know I’ve been under the weather and all, but I am mortified by all I have not accomplished during the month of July and am frankly astonished that July is nearly over.  My internal clock is firmly convinced that it is still June.  My list of transgressions includes:

  • I have 247 emails in my Feedblitz reading file which means I am 247 weeks behind in my blog reading.  The oldest date is 11/8/2010.  This goes past mortification into the realm of humiliation.
  • I have neglected to keep up with my wonderful Aunt Betty’s on-going journalistic adventures at the Arcadia Patch.  Completely disrespectful, that is.
  • In June 2011, I blogged only four posts; granted, I was doing heavy-duty reconstruction on my on-line shop and shop Facebook page, but only four posts?  Pitiful.
  • In July 2011, I blogged only three posts (not including this one), and one of those was written far in advance (like, last year) and the other two were whiny “I don’t feel good” posts.  More pitiful.
  • I put all that effort into renaming and revitalizing my shop Facebook page in June and then didn’t do a thing with it in July, which makes me look really lazy.
  • I am out of honey mustard, so every day I crave something that needs honey mustard, but I refuse to drive to the grocery store just to buy honey mustard.  Pathetic.

I’m sure I could come up with a longer list, but another of my transgressions is lack of energy and a short attention span.  Also, I now have a blinding headache which can only be cured by another nap, after which I’ll get another small chunk of close work or reading done before fading away in mortification again.

I hope August is not so mortifying–and boring.

3 Responses to “Pure Mortification”

  1. mermaiden July 29, 2011 at 3:32 PM #

    let it go and get thee some mustard!!!

    • Faerie♥Kat July 29, 2011 at 3:42 PM #

      Dang, I forgot to add “Haven’t visited my FAETeam forum threads and have let my commitment to post FAETeam treasuries slide, too.” What is wrong with my sorry ass?! Those are FUN things!

  2. gt281 July 29, 2011 at 9:23 PM #

    Reading? I know of something dark , E-VILE, and bloodsoaked that you’re not reading…
    Have a nice nappy Mz Rip Van…

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