Reshipping Scam

13 May

One of the members of the Fantasy Artists of Etsy (FAE) Team sent out this message today.

I can’t help but think if criminals would expend as much creativity and intelligence on solving the world’s problems as they do on their elaborate scamming and cheating schemes, we’d probably have cleaner air and oceans, no war or hate crimes, and a reign of brotherly love.

Whenever I read something like this, I think to myself, “I must be awful dumb, ‘cuz no matter how hard I thought or how long, I couldn’t have come up with something even close to this because it just never would have occurred to me.”

I guess I just don’t have a criminal mind, and I can’t help but think that would cause Martha Stewart to say, “And that’s a good thing.”

This is how the geniuses of the 21st Century are expending their brain power:

I just wanted to let you all know about a new (to me anyway) reshipping scam that is going around. In addition to my faerywhere shop, I sell feather earrings at frogworks on etsy. My frogworks shop was contacted by a “buyer” for a $17 pair of earrings who wanted to mail me a check. I wrote him back with my send to address, he requested I use his direct email. Then he writes me to inform me that his secretary has sent me a package accidently and would I please not refuse and return to sender, but he will fax me a new shipping label and I can just send it on it’s way. Since he never commited to purchase the earrings, I felt suspicious and checked online about resending scams. It seems that people steal creditcards to buy merchandise online, have it sent to an unsuspecting person, like me, and then have that person resend it to them at another address. This is considered trafficing stolen goods, and a crime whether you know you are doing it or not, so be aware!

Okay, they’re not geniuses, they’re idiots, but they’re apparently intelligent idiots and that is so not a good combination.

Thanks, Charles!

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  1. gt281 May 14, 2011 at 11:17 AM #

    Drat, foiled again—another one of my nefarious schemes exposed by a goodie goodie two-shoes do-gooder…it’s a good thing that’s the only thing of mine she exposed…wink, wink, nudge, nudge…

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