Teenie Pentagram

22 Apr

I promised I was going to work on making my jewelry smaller.  Here is an effort that meets that requirement and so much more!

I have been making balled ends on wire using my butane torch for a while now.  In this piece I successfully created balled ends on both ends of small pieces of copper wire, which was challenging because each piece had to be cooled before the opposite end could be torched and getting both the size of the balls and thus the remaining length of wire the same was crazy hard.

I then used my pickle pot for the first time to remove the fire scale so they are bright and shiny without having to use steel wool or sand paper.

Check it out:

Weaving and wiring the teenie balled “sticks” into a pentagram was another challenge, but three hours later, viola!  Next:  a teenie Faerie Star using the same method.  Can I do it?

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