Need Name Ideas

22 Nov

These two bracelets are ready to be upload to my Etsy boutique, except I’m at a loss what to name them.  I’ve been naming these bracelets in the draconis family because they remind me of dragon (or snake/lizard) hide, and I’ve just run out of ideas (typical brain dysfunction).  I’m open to your suggestions.

Colors used in this one:  Outer rows are fuchsia with a wire core, inside left is ribbon of coral, and inside right is matte opaline orchid.

Colors used in this one:  white marble and deep eggplant.

Whatcha think?

2 Responses to “Need Name Ideas”

  1. Shelley Sullivan November 27, 2010 at 1:30 PM #

    Maybe for the black and white: Dragon’s Caviar?

    Maybe for the Reds/Pink: Dragonberry Delight?

    Just a suggestion…Love, Lil’ Kit

    • Faerie♥Kat November 28, 2010 at 2:37 PM #

      I love ’em both! Will have to think up a back story…and have been having massive migraines, so it will be awhile yet. But you’ve given me much food (he he) for thought. Mwah!

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