Dark Dreamings

18 Nov

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Dear Readers

Here is a poem written for the Fantasy Artists of Etsy blog, “Dark Dreamings”, back in August 2010:

Dark Dreamings

If you can’t sleep tonight
And your dreams are dark,
If nightmares bite your toes
And your bed’s full of sharks,

If eyes glow red
And beetles crowd your bed,
If there’s horns on every head,
And the walking are all dead,

You’ll know who to thank
For your pitiful plight,
‘Cause she got you good
With her fabulous frights.

First that skull will start to speak,
And venomous tales will it leak,
Suddenly will the athame strike
And the dryad will become unlady-like.

Her visions and images
Want to swallow you whole,
Morning better come quick
Or you’ll lose your soul!

by Faerie♥Kat
All Rights Reserved ©2010

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