A Wee Bit of Self-Analysis

29 Sep

I worked on my new light box set up today.  Instead of poster board, I used half of a pair of sheer curtains that I’ve been loath to part with because they’re just so pretty (but too lightweight for the Florida sun) as a back-drop.  The light quality is much different now and I’m finding it easier to get my light levels closer to where they need to be.

Here are some new photos of “Baroque Beauty” and my analysis of where I need to improve and areas that I actually pulled off pretty well.

  1. This bead is correctly centered and you can’t see the wire as it enters or exits the bead.
  2. The holes of the bead are perpendicular to the piece and not horizontal, as in #1, and the wire wrapping of the spiral is sketchy.
  3. The bead is correctly centered and the wire wrapping is smooth and even.
  4. What a mess!  The hole in the pendant is visible, even though the holes in the bead are almost completely horizontal.  I think part of the problem is the wrapping around and under the bead is shoddy.
  5. Holes going every which way; not good.  Some are almost horizontal and none are perpendicular, but they look ragged.  They seem to start precisely opposite each other at the top, but there is a noticeable difference at the bottom.  This is either from poor spacing of the bead wraps or poor measuring of the support wire.
  6. Should have left out pinching a point into this structure.  The bottom support wire provided this geometrical visual without this mangled mess.  Wrapping would have been much easier and cleaner.
  7. Again, bead is off-center.  At least pendant hole is not showing, but looks sloppy.
  8. Many slubs in the wire wrap visible on this piece from kinks in the wrapping wire.  Tsk, tsk.

I finally got around to getting some butane and I have raw copper wire.  I want to practice making bulbs/bubbles at the ends of wire; I love that look.  I have some great rust and orange/red stones, plus some others that I want to use to make a tutorial I purchased from a fellow FAETeam member, but what I really have to do next is put away everything that is piled up (once again) on my work space.

I also want to decoupage the jewelry busts I have to look shabby chic.  I don’t like the black velvet (no matter how much a go over it with a lint brush, tons of crap still shows up in the photos that can’t be seen with my admittedly poor eyesight) and there’s something about the white leatherette that creeps out my camera and gives the leatherette a bluish/purple tint.  I found some beige and wood busts on the cheap; we’ll see if they are usable when they arrive.

It feels good to be creating again!

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