More Baroque Beauty Rework

27 Sep

I seem to be on a roll of doing things I don’t normally do, like actually sketching a piece of jewelry before I start making it, so I decided the bed skirt had to be washed Saturday, no ifs, ands or buts.  The fact that I am not well enough, or strong enough, to do this did not deter me in the least.

And what did I do on Sunday while recuperating from overall bodily abuse?  Why, I abused my fingers and wrists, and remade Baroque Beauty again, this time using 18g instead of 20g wire for the framework.  I created the two shapes and work-hardened them before I started wrapping them, added amethyst beads, and left incorporation of the crystal pendants until after all the wrapping was finished.  The top piece is now pointy and looks almost exactly like my sketch, the bottom is smaller like my sketch (but without the curls where it attaches), and the bail is more along the lines of what I intended.  Adding the real amethyst beads ties the pendant in with the dark amethyst and dark green crystals in the chain, something the light amethyst baroque crystals alone were not doing.

Unfortunately, I am still having problems photographically.  I am also apparently having ocular problems!  I hope it’s just the angle of the photo, but I thought I had the beads to either side of the large baroque pendant lined up better.  In fact, the entire piece looks crooked and it seems like the camera finds a million flaws I never saw, and I had on my strongest reading glasses and at times even picked up a magnifying glass.  I obviously need to add “$200 Eye Exam/New Glasses” to my “Wall of Fucking Financial and Medical Woe”!

I hate the black background I’ve tried to use.  I’m going to have to find something else.

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