Baroque Beauty Reworked

22 Sep

I was never very happy with the pendant on this necklace, and it’s unloved/unhearted state on Etsy made it obvious that nobody else liked it either!

During the past 3 months (my last creation was on June 28th!), I’ve been mulling over in my mind what to do about this piece and, for the first time in my life, I actually sat down and made a sketch yesterday:

Then I started building the piece and actually followed my own drawing pretty closely, except for the bail, which I decided needed only one spiral in the center (but I did create a coiled spring bail as I had planned) and I may detach the bottom crystal piece and make it smaller like the sketch; also, I never could get the larger crystal piece pointy at the bottom curve, so I may work on that, too.  The bottom crystal is from the original necklace and the chain remains unchanged.

Now I’m having problems with the settings on my camera and a new light box, so you can’t see the wire wrapping or the spiral details, much less the amethyst coloring.  Ain’t it always something?  At least I made something!

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  1. aquariann September 22, 2010 at 9:28 PM #

    Gorgeous pendant! Btw, I’ve added your lovely blog to my links. Your blinkie is super cute, but I needed a flat button so I pulled an image from your Etsy shop.

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