Self-Promotion Day

29 Jun

It didn’t start out to be self-promotion day, it was quite an accident in fact.  I’ve read about people getting lots of traffic by wearing their products, and I’ve worn lots of things that never made it to my shop without anyone ever making a peep.  However, today was very different.

I made these earrings yesterday, this is a snapshot of one hanging on my personal jewelry canvas, and fell in love with them.  I couldn’t find my silver ear wires yesterday and after I dressed to leave the house this morning (a rare event of no small achievement!), I found the ear wires and, since I was wearing the perfect pink, I decided to wear the earrings.

My first stop was to have my nails done (it’s my last guilty pleasure) and several people remarked on the earrings; I handed out several of my business cards.  Here are my new, patriotic acrylic nails (sparkle white with red rhinestones and a blue star; rest of fingernails have a red, blue and silver swipe):

Then I popped into the pet store to pick up dog food, treats and a few toys and again, several ladies commented on the earrings and asked about my shop when I said I made them myself; several more business cards left my card holder.  Then I made my monthly foray into the grocery store and before I knew it, I had only one business card left!

For someone who lives in Florida, I have absolutely no color (just look at those feet!), so the pale pink of the feathers are a little hard to see, but I thought I’d try to snap a few photos of me wearing the earrings before I change out the ear wires and head over to the lightbox to photograph them for uploading into my Etsy boutique.  I wish I could put myself in a lightbox!

Dig my mismatched eyebrows; I inherited them from my maternal Grandmother, our crooked eyebrows match exactly!

It will be interesting to see if I get any local sales.  I’ve refilled my business card case and I’m going to make another set of these earrings to wear for advertising purposes!

2 Responses to “Self-Promotion Day”

  1. aquariann June 29, 2010 at 10:23 PM #

    Fun earrings! They definitely deserve all the fawning they received today. And ooooh, your patriotic nails are very pretty, too.

  2. mermaiden June 29, 2010 at 10:54 PM #

    mismatched eyebrows make you look ever so Inquisitive! 😀
    do some of those funky earrings in blue, too. oh, and black- caw CAW

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