Where the Wire Hits the Wrist

31 May

So yesterday I crocheted this strip of lacy wire using 32 gauge Parawire in baby blue.

Working around a chrysocolla bead, I stitched the strip into a pretty blue rose using the ends of Parawire I left long for this very purpose.

Then I created a cuff using “pre-knitted colored copper craft wire” from WIRES.CO.UK.  I couldn’t find a US supplier who sells wire “mesh ribbon” in the 85mm diameter I needed.  There is a Italian supplier in Florence, Tubular Wire Mesh Ribbon, who has some beautiful colors, but their largest diameter is 20mm, which is the largest diameter sold in the US.

I used Leaf Green in the tight knit .10mm gauge:

Photo by Wires.Co.Uk

And the much larger coarse knit .20mm gauge in Warm Gold:

Photo by Wires.Co.Uk

I slipped approximately four inches of Leaf Green over approximately eight inches of Gold and rolled the two together to form the top of the cuff.  Then, after neatening the bottom edge of the Leaf Green and rolling it under a tiny bit, I used the wire pulled while neatening to stitch the Leaf Green layer to the Gold with a simple whip stitch.

Then I neatened the Gold edge and used the wire pulled doing this to keep the bottom edge from unraveling by creating loops through each stitch.

And here is the finished piece:

A silky smooth, lacy cuff you can carefully ruffle tighter or smooth looser to fit your feminine wiles.

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