26 May

So, yeah, I was Googlebooted backwards in time and I have been spending horrible amounts of effort trying to drag my boutique back to the present.

According to both Sir Google God and Ms. Etsy Tech, one of the things I need to do to get my shop back to real time is increase the number of links incoming to the shop.  That means I have to somehow get other people to make links from wherever, whatever platform they’re using to my shop.  This is supposed to increase my SEO (damn, I knew what that stood for an hour ago, something about optimizing search ah, yes, engines…search engine optimization) which means people will once again find me when they search for “faerie jewelry” or “fairy bracelet” or “summertime earrings.”

If any of you are game, Tweet, Plurk, Email, Ning, Blog, or fly a fricken kite containing this link:

Or a link to one of the items in the shop.

No one has to purchase nuttin’.  I guess the idea is to make Google think I’m popular, popular enough to convince the Googlebots that I am alive and living in real time.

I really would rather go work for Google…just who does a faerie hippie witch need to know to land a cushy job like that?  John Lennon?  Jim Morrison?  Janice Joplin?  Them I have on speed dial, but they ain’t doing shit for me.

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