Pixie Pouch in Progress

16 May

This pixie pouch, which can be used as a tarot bag for regular sized decks but is safe for children over 8 years old to use as a pixie purse, is nearly complete.  I hand crocheted it using Crystal Palace’s Fling novelty yarn in “Straw into Gold.”  The strip to the left is a strap, but I may opt to do the strap in the olive green organza ribbon instead.  Then the only thing left will be to add a few beads to the ends of the organza ribbon.

This was very difficult to make because of the thinness of the fiber and the tangling and obscuration of the straw “leaves.”  I don’t think Crystal Palace intended that someone would knit or crochet with this yarn by itself.   I think most people (and we all know I’m not most people) combine it with a coordinating solid yarn.  That definitely would have made the going easier!

This will be available at my Faerie Fabulous Finds at Etsy shop soon.

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