Full Milk Moon Monthly FAE Team Dare

16 May

Each month my Etsy team, the Fantasy Artists of Etsy Team (FAE Team), holds a friendly little competition (well, it’s not really a competition, because nobody is named a winner and everyone’s entries are exhibited).  The theme for this year’s monthly dare is the full moon.  Since there are many different names for the full moon, the team decided last year (when the theme was chosen) that the Milk Moon (English, Colonial and Algonquin) and Planting Moon (Cherokee) would be used for May.

Entries are due the second to the last Sunday of the month in order for them to be posted to the team’s blog on the last Sunday of the month.  I finished my dare yesterday and photographed it today.

Here are the materials I started with, two sets of broken vintage milk glass beads with clasps and connectors (the search engine pulled this listing up because I was looking for milk glass and then the round clasp caught my eye because it looked like a full moon):

I pulled everything apart and voila!

I am so happy with it that, frankly, I don’t want to sell it, but sell it I must!  It will be listed in my Faerie Fabulous Finds at Etsy boutique on or about May 23rd.

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