Spring Green Leaves Treasury

10 Apr

I created my first EVAR Etsy Treasury today! *SQUEE!*

Did I just hear you say, way in the dark canyon-like recesses of my mind, “What is an Etsy Treasury?” As appalled as I am that someone in the electronic world could possibly not know what an Etsy Treasury is, I will provide Etsy’s very own definition (for all y’all edumb-dumbs):

The Treasury is an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery of handpicked items. Members can feature their favorite items, items selected on a theme or just whatever they like. The Treasury is not intended for self-promotion, but instead to acknowledge and share the many cool things for sale on Etsy. Etsy’s staff (“Admin”) often choose whole or partial exceptional Treasury lists to promote to the featured, handpicked items on Etsy’s home page. Treasury lists are temporary and limited in number, so there is some competition involved in creating a list of your own.

So, see, it’s a BIG DEAL in Etsy world.  However, I didn’t know exactly what a Treasury was or how to do one or what the differences were between the General Treasury and Treasury West (the latter is a beta testing site that can go “poof” and be gone in an instant), or even where they were located until today, which makes me an edumb-dumb, so I take all the edumb-dumbs back, all of us blog readers are A+++ super smart, ‘cuz we at least know how to (a) turn on a computer and (2) access the Internet which presupposes that (c) we can sorta read and write intelligibly.

This is the link to my Treasury where you can click on each item to find out more about it, purchase it, see other items in that seller’s Etsy store, and read the comments about the Treasury itself.  I encourage you to visit and click on the pretties before 8:11 p.m. on Monday, April 12th, because (1) that is when my Spring Green Leaves Treasury expires and will be erased from the Etsy server and (2) the more people who visit, click on the purdy pictures, and leave comments, the HOTTER my treasury will be and MAYBE it will make it to the FRONT PAGE of Etsy.  That is like winning an Etsy Emmy or Oscar.

For prosperity’s sake, I’ve compiled the pictures in this slideshow:

You will notice, perhaps, that NONE of my own children made it into the finals (sniffle) because nothing in my shop was actual pertinent to the subject (ha ha! joke’s on me).

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