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12 Feb Registered & Protected

Dear Readers

Here is a new poem written for my Auntie Betty and “published” in the handmade suede journal I created for her. Now that she has had the opportunity of reading it first, it is ready to share with you!


The other night I chanced to hear
A scuffle going on quite near.

The sounds weren’t very loud at all,
But did sound like some kind of brawl.

I looked around my room to see
Just what on earth the noise could be.

I closed my eyes and concentrated,
The fighting still had not abated.

Was that a yelp that I just heard,
A clash of swords? Oh, how absurd!

Now without the aid of eyes,
I let my ears become my spies.

Quickly realization spread;
It came from underneath my bed!

There behind the bed’s dust ruffle
Was going on a mighty scuffle.

All my brownies and house elves
To the teeth had armed themselves.

The enemy were (the mere thought sickens)
Dust bunnies grown as big as chickens.

Each had two beady eyes, redly glowing,
And two long yellow teeth, still growing.

They really were a gruesome sight,
And not at all inclined to be polite.

Encouraging our side to do their best,
I lay back down to get some rest.

I had no doubt by break of day,
Those dust bunnies would be cleared away
By my faithful, dust bunny-eating fae.

by Faerie♥Kat
All Rights Reserved ©2010

2 Responses to “My House Faeries”

  1. gt281 February 12, 2010 at 6:14 PM #

    somebody’s been into the cooking sherry again………

    • Faerie♥Kat February 13, 2010 at 12:01 AM #

      This presumes somebody STOPPED getting into the cooking sherry…tsk, tsk, one should never make such assumptions. It makes the cooking sherry feel neglected.

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