Failed First Namaste Test

2 Feb

I read a blog called The Dirty Disher, which used to be wholly dedicated to dishing the “dirt” on celebrities.  When I actually knew who the celebrity was, I found the quips to be humorous and witty…and harmless.  However, since I didn’t know 95% of the celebrities being roasted, I soon got bored and stopped reading.  Then one day I was checking my blogroll links for dead or changed addys, and read DD again.  The site was very changed and DD was blogging more about her personal life, telling childhood stories with an unusual and very well-developed sense of narrative.  Now her site is on my FeedBlitz email and I browse through her posts via email each day.

Today there was a post about a blog war that has apparently been ongoing for some time.  I knew there was a lot of animosity between the ladies that “dish” and people they called “the trolls,” but not being very interested, I never bothered to figure out what the fuss was about.  However, today’s post sounded really serious and actually had a link to the “troll’s” website.

Now, DD ain’t no saint, but she ain’t no demon either.  She’s pagan and doesn’t pull her punches, but I think she’s got a good soul and doesn’t hedge on the truth.  I don’t know the woman “Moon,” but I’d trust DD’s instincts about her before the other blogger’s, who seems to have pulled together some very specious one-line pieces of data and woven them into a full cloth of rather doubtful conspiracy.  His latest accusation is that Moon sent money via PayPal to women who needed financial assistance (which is not in dispute and which was a very humanitarian thing to do, which has been completely ignored) in order to steal their identities and hack into their PayPal accounts.  The strength of this accusation relies on (1) someone who he thinks is her son shows up on a website petition to release a young man jailed for possession of a large number of other people’s credit card numbers (as far as I know, he was only in possession and never did anything with them, but possession is, of course, ipso facto evidence that he was going to do something with them, I guess) and this person states he lives in Florida; (2) Moon once had a blog in which she once posted that she was living in Florida; so (3) Moon (being rich because she’s a practicing psychic) sent those women money only so she could rob them through their PayPal accounts.  My, my, what astounding logic and irrefutable evidence of crime and guilt.  Of course, no one’s PayPal account was ever “hacked,” and no one’s identify was ever stolen, but this is of absolutely no concern because Bob Schmuck’s website was infected with a virus which, of course, is the fiendish work of friends and cohorts of poor, infamous Moon, a non-Christian woman who has never responded to any of this man’s remarks, innuendos or accusations.

I didn’t read his whole blog, obviously, but I feel safe in saying, based on the posts and I read and the ugly comments left by the people who support him that (1) he hates non-Christians, (2) hates non-Christian women particularly, (3) considers himself to be superior in every way imaginable (i.e., intellectually, mentally, physically, ethically, morally, spiritually) to everyone, and (4) feels it’s his Christian duty to reveal the truth about anything he deems not right, using any method he feels like using and any definition that suits him.

Now, you all know how I feel about conspiracies, and this man’s holier than thou attitude is rather off-putting to me, as were his accusations, so practicing empathy and namasté while reading his blog was a hard haul.  I just couldn’t find a glimmer of Light anywhere.

So know I know what all the fuss is about, and I heartily wish I didn’t.  I’m glad Moon has taken the high road and decided just to ignore this pompous idiot; I wish I had.  I already ritually bathed for Imbolc today, but I feel the need to bathe again after wading through that filth.

2 Responses to “Failed First Namaste Test”

  1. Marvin February 2, 2010 at 9:00 PM #

    I think Bob Schmuck needs a sharp kick in the shins.

    • Faerie♥Kat February 3, 2010 at 8:41 AM #

      With a name like Schmuck, I’m thinking he was born with a kick in the shins. I don’t know if he’s one of the “trolls,” but he’s not THE troll. That someone (hint, hint) would desire to kick The Troll in the shins would please me mightily.

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