My Take on “Demographic Problem”

31 Dec

Gary sent me this video along with the question, “What is your take on this?”  Here’s the video followed by “my take”:

I watched a “documentary” by Ben Stein the other day called “Expelled:  No Intelligence Allowed” about how academics who support Intelligent Design are being fired because they don’t believe in Darwinism.  (Okay, I didn’t see the whole thing, just the last 30 minutes, but that appeared to be the gist.)

There were several statements that were extremely intriguing, but one that is pertinent here was about how science pretty much disproves the existence of a godhead and that religion is the most dangerous weapon on earth.  If science were allowed to take its rightful prominence and religion were reduced to “something fun that people did on the weekend that made them feel better,” world peace would be far closer to than it is now.

This video is suggesting that all Muslims are radical jihadists.  This video is also suggesting that, once again, being Christian is superior to being Muslim, and that “we can’t let those Muslims out-number us!”  It also suggests that there is some kind of sinister master plan underfoot.

Not every Muslim is a terrorist intent on destroying every person on earth who isn’t Muslim.  They’re just like most people in the world who are quietly living their lives, trying to improve their lot in life, and hoping not to get killed off in some horrible and grotesque manner.

No one religion is better than another and if the Christian God is so almighty, the Muslims won’t “win,” but wait, the God of the Muslims and the God of the Christians is…the same God!  Uh oh.

And people migrate out of what are predominantly Muslim countries because those countries are restrictive, poor, internally conflicted, politically destructive and religiously dominated, and even Muslims don’t want to live there!  They can’t get an unbiased education there, they can’t get the most basic of modern conveniences, like clean water (much less running hot and cold water or an indoor toilet), their infant mortality rate is abysmal so, yes, they have to over-breed to increase their chances of having children live to adulthood (a higher birthrate doesn’t necessarily result in a higher population increase there like it does here, where even the most pre-mature of babies can survive through modern technology and children don’t die of malnutrition and common childhood diseases at the same rate–children in the middle East die of periodontal disease because they know nothing about dental hygiene).  Additionally, women in these countries either don’t know about birth control or don’t have access.  Furthermore, the videographer doesn’t claim that Muslim birthrates outside of the middle East are higher than the countries to which they migrated; nice little sleight of hand, there.  What he does say is that Muslim growth is because of immigration, not higher birthrates.  Use your critical thinking and listening skills when bigots talk.

Once again, statistics can be made to say what you want them to say, and as always, the Christian response is, “Our way is the right way and the only way!”

There are only two ways for Christians to win this “war:”  Christian women have to start popping out babies like sex slaves or all Muslims have to be vaporized or sterilized out of existence.  (Consequently, these were Gary’s “takes,” too.  He also said, “This sounds vaguely familiar…I keep thinking of the message of a little Austrian guy in Germany…the one with the funny moustache…”  Hmmm, yes, got to keep our “culture” pure…)

Either proposal would only be considered by a bunch of loons.

I agree that the importance of religion needs to be reduced to “something fun people do on the weekend to make themselves feel better.”  This doesn’t mean I think that religion is “just something fun people do,” it means that religion is given far too much emphasis in decision-making and needs to be demoted in this regard.  Religion is a personal choice and should be ranked no higher than how I brush my teeth:  up and down or back and forth or circular or not at all.  They’re my teeth and no one is invited to observe my teeth brushing ritual, to comment on it or criticize it.  There are opinions on how to brush teeth, but in the long run, it is not of great significance to anybody but myself.  Just as my religion is not of great significance to anybody but myself.

If you are someone who is dead-set on keeping Muslims in the middle East, the answer is providing them with an unbiased elementary education, in their own language and in their own schools that they build with their own labor and materials in their own small villages.  All they lack is minimal funding.  Once they can read and write, they can read the Koran for themselves and won’t have to rely on their mullah’s interpretations.  They won’t have to send their sons to Muslim “madrassa” schools, where they only learn radical Muslim ideas and military strategy; nothing is taught that might interfere with the mullah’s control of their minds and bodies.  I encourage you to read “Three Cups of Tea,” if you think this couldn’t possibly work or make a difference.  One man did it and is doing it, and it works.

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  1. gt281 December 31, 2009 at 1:58 PM #

    You put that video on just for me,, didn’t you…

    Little known fact from the man behind the curtain:
    Every day 4,000,000 more Chinese are born than any other population group in the world,, in 2072,, everyone will be Chinese…..

    • Faerie♥Kat January 3, 2010 at 11:46 PM #

      And here I was thinking my eyes were feeling a bit funky ‘cuz I was getting old…instead, I’m just developing epicanthic folds.

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