What a Fun-Filled Day

26 Dec

My friend, Bob, brought his granddaughter, Sydney, age 10, over today to receive her Yuletide present:  Making her own faerie pouch.  It was an experience I’m sure all three of us will remember forever.

First we decided on the design (large bag with long drawstrings so she could wear it across her body), then she picked out the suede (she chose the fern green) and fibers, and cut out the pattern I made for her.  Then we had a blast making polymer clay beads (she was soon a pro at conditioning the clay using my pasta maker) and while they baked she went through my charm collection while I sewed the bag together.

The usual hard work then began of attaching the beads and charms.  I took on the unforgiving challenge of threading the beads onto the suede fringe and Sydney did an excellent job of threading the charms onto the fiber fringe.  She chose to make her own version of my one of my first Flower Faerie Kat heads to be her focal bead (it was so darn cute) and, viola, we were done 5 hours later (one hour more than my estimate, but hey we were interrupted by fits of giggles several times, which I had not taken into account!).

Here’s what a fun-filled day at Faerie Fabulous Finds’ Bloggie♥Workshop looks like:

This is one kid I would adopt in a heart beat!  Is she not just the cutest thing?  I’ve known her since she was born, but her family moved to Texas a few years ago and we extra unofficial doting Grannies in Florida don’t see near as much of her as we would like.  Today was an unbelievable treat for me, Syd had a lot of fun being creative, and Gramps just beamed (and teased) the whole day.   In other words, everything was perfect.

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