The Many Paths to Paganism

4 Dec

Blessings and thanks to Mama Kelly of 2 Witches for compiling these wonderful videos about why people chose paganism.

First up is Michael Gorman, “The Druid,” who tells the story of his spiritual journey from Catholic to Fundamentalist to Druid:

This is Sybil Silver Phoenix talking about her reasons for coming to the Path of Wicca and some the ups and downs she experienced along the way.

Here is Sic Witch Boi who shares why it is he calls himself what he does “with a touch of humor!”

After watching these videos, I was prompted to see what else was out there and found more YouTube videos.

This is Siren Star Song discussing the reasons why she is a Pagan after many years as a Christian:

Here we have Phoenix Rayneweaver explaining why she is a neo-pagan in response to a friend’s video about why he is a christian:

Blue Fire Witch is up next, defining her beliefs and why she believes them:

Now Tiger Heart provides an explanation about why she is pagan:

Kelto the Killer also responds to the Why I Am Christian video with a video about his personal religious path:

Let’s end with Paint Mary Conley, whose videos deal with path working and why she ended up with the belief system she has, “because in the past week I have had numerous people tell me I’m a Satanist, can’t be a conservative, I should convert, [and] I’m going to hell.”

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