Work in Progress

14 Oct

Here’s what I’ve been up to the past few days:

I built a light box out of the box my printer came in.  I thought about buying a pre-made light studio, but none of the ones I could afford had good reviews, and I can’t just put boxes out at the curb anymore.  We now have those garbage trucks with mechanized arms and specialized trash cans (which was a good change, because I had been nursing mine along for some time) that the arms pick up and dump – no human involvement necessary except to gaze blank-eyed (no big change there) at the apparatus and ride along on the back of the truck (no change at all there).  In order for this modern marvel to haul cardboard boxes away, they have to be “broken down.”  I can barely get the things open, so of course I procrastinate over trying to turn them into nice and tidy little squares.  This time my distaste for heavy labor worked in my favor.  I used parchment paper instead of white fabric and now all I need are some poster boards to make the slope and some inexpensive goose-neck desk lamps.

I’m making good progress on a faerie pouch for my Etsy boutique.  I hand-dyed the suede and construction of the pouch is complete.  The fringe is done and all that’s left is to add the bling!  I added a few beads today, but I need to sit down and do a fully coordinated mix, and some of the ornamentation will have to be handmade.  I’m happy with it though; it’s so buttery soft and the color is really gorgeous.


I’ve been thinking about how to package my items.  Not how to package them for mailing, but how to present them to their new owner.  Since I’m already in the process of making paper for two different books, I snuck two pieces of the acrylic-stained pieces and put together this little box.  Then that started me thinking about branding and soon I was making tags that used the boutique’s banner.  I cut a few out using some fancy scissors I bought when I was a Girl Scout leader, and used the pieces of paper left over from making the box to create a background for the tag to tie it in (since the main color in the tag is green).




Then I went hunting for more packaging ideas, and I found some kirigami and origami designs I like, but I had this one idea stuck in my mind that I couldn’t find because I didn’t know what it was called.  And if you don’t know what it’s called, you can’t Google it.  I tried everything.  I finally found it in a candy store (?) of all places; it’s called a pillow box.  I made this one out of an old card and it’s the perfect size for boxing up a ring.



Here are some close ups of the papers I am making for my journal projects for the boutique.  First is the paper leftover from making the box; next is what the acrylic-stained paper looks like in progress; and last is the finished acrylic-stained.




This is what my paper handmade from recycled and botanical materials looks like.  It is a muted pale green and I love the ragged edges.  The second shot contrasts the blue of the acrylic-stained paper with the botanical recycled paper.



I hope you enjoyed this peek at the upcoming Faerie Fabulous Finds the faeries and I are busy playing with and having fun getting ready to send out into the faerie-loving world!Sign27

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