Spy Phones Are for Real

31 Aug

My friend Monica emailed me this video today, which is more comprehensive in revealing the vicious antics one can get up to (or down to) by turning someone’s phone against them than the one you’ll see below, but at least the one below provides us with the best* solution:  Common Sense.

In order to have your phone turned against you, the perpetrator has to have access to your phone in order to load the spyware, or you have to visit a website and download the spyware yourself.

Although this is not breaking news, it’s news worth mentioning for those of us who missed it the first time around (yep, that would be me and it could have been you, too).  Now we know.  Thanks, Monica!

*Granted, the video by Channel 13 on YouTube, which they ungraciously refuse to let anyone embed, has a blurb splashed across it that you can go to their website and find out how to protect yourself in a follow-up report, but I consider that to be crassless self-advertising and bitchy on top of keeping their video all to themselves; so eff you dudes, I can’t believe you think I would even bother.  I’m a heck of a lot bitchier than thou.


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