A Pleasant Rediscovery

10 Aug

You know how one friend introduces you to another friend who in turn introduces you to a third friend and so forth?  And we all know the web is called the web because one website leads you to another website which leads you to a third and ad infinitum.  One website I found through a combination of these two occurrences is The Dirty Disher, which used to be a celebrity gossip blog written by a very witty woman who I discovered through (the)Jebbica, a witty young woman in her own right who is also a part-time professional reviewer/celebrity gossip, a part-time model in Chattanooga, TN and a friend of fellow HAE-sufferer, Red’s Dirty Laundry, who is also a model in Chattanooga, TN.  Such synchronicity!

These three lovely ladies have been on my blogroll for eons, but time being what it is, which is limited, I’ve rather lost track of The Dirty Disher and (the)Jebbica.  When I updated the look of the blog, I figured I’d better check my blogroll and make sure everyone was still around, and hence this post.

One of the things I particularly liked about The Dirty Disher’s blog was the occasional posts she’d do about her personal life – they were pithy and funny, and I liked them much better than the snarky celebrity posts, but only primarily because I didn’t even know who most of the celebrities were.

I’m happy to report that The Dirty Disher has gotten out of the dirty dishing business and is all the better for it.  What she wrote about only occasionally is now the mainstay butter-and-bread of her blog and it is delicious!

From pictures of her garden (vegetable and floral) to anecdotes about her bizarre family (such as “Two Loons and a Chainsaw”) to sharing her thoughts about movies and books, Pat’s (or “DD” as she is still called) posts are filled with heartfelt, straight from the cuff, hold-the-bullshit built-in reality.  Her storytelling ability is well developed and exhibits a combination of mental reminiscing interlaced with the well-rehearsed round-the-fire-at-midnight qualities of a bard.

You simply must check out The Dirty Disher, but be warned, No Trolls allowed!  I think as rules go, that’s a perfectly reasonable one; those little dolls are creepy.

No Trolls

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