Two Years Old Today!

27 Jul

Today is the second anniversary of this blog – universally known as a blogoversary.

I would have missed this exciting event had one of my readers not mentioned it in a comment.  Imagine how embarrassed I would have been if I had missed my own blogoversary!  It’s bad enough that I forgot the date, but to have committed the unforgivable sin of not somehow celebrating the event is probably grounds for blogivorce.

So, dear blog, here is a small hand-made treat, a little gathering of our more diminutive friends, for you to enjoy as an expression of my utter love, blind devotion and questionable artistic skills:

Blogoversary 2009

And for you, dear Internet and faithful readers, with a wave of my faerie wand I sprinkle each of you with faerie dust in blessed thankfulness.

Magic Faerie Wand

2 Responses to “Two Years Old Today!”

  1. Saje July 27, 2009 at 11:35 PM #

    Happy blogoversary!!!

    • Faerie♥Kat July 28, 2009 at 12:49 AM #

      Thank you, dearest! I just got caught up on Nicole’s blog today and I’m hoping to hit yours running tomorrow. Hopefully I remember my password (hmmm) and get caught up on what you’ve been doing (or at least blogging). Personally, I haven’t been doing much of anything except reading a slew of books written for Young Adults. I’d like to say that my interest is geared only towards familiarizing myself with the genre so I can write for YA myself, but I’d be lying like a rug. I’m enjoying them all immensely and letting my inner child out to play and run things for the nonce!! Sending lots of bright and cheery faerie hugz, your ♥Kat

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