Dying Hard Drive

25 Jun

My Dell Inspiron is preparing to cross the veil.  Her hard drive is alternating between screeching like a banshee and squawking like a harpy with intermittent breaks to mimic a garbage disposal trying to chop up a fully grown alligator in one go.

Knowing this was coming for the past six months, I decided not to have her hard drive replaced; instead, I’ve offered her to my step-mother who’s still babying along the desk top computer that was my deceased father’s.  She’s wanted a laptop for a long time, so it could be a good deal for her.

I, however, need, in addition to a much larger hard drive, a lot more processing power, so my fixing up my Inspiron really wasn’t a good option.  Instead, in about two weeks I’ll be setting up my new Dell Studio 1555, complete with pre-installed wireless capability, and a new wireless printer.

In the meantime, I’m pampering my darling Inspiron and backing up the hard drive to an on-line storage service.  It’s a race to see if I can get all the data uploaded before her brain burns out.  This means you won’t be hearing from me until I make nice-nice/friends with the new Studio.

Since I’m still needing lots of rest, I guess this really couldn’t have happened at a better time.  However, I am very frustrated not to be able to keep up with everyone else’s blogs – and the backlog when I get back is going to be massive!

So no one is forgotten — life (and death) has simply interfered for now — luv and hugz to everyone for the nonce!

3 Responses to “Dying Hard Drive”

  1. gt281 June 26, 2009 at 5:32 PM #

    Be you to be or be you not to be,,
    Tinkerbell of the Dell????….

    Hard driving always crashes a hard drive….

  2. Marvin July 13, 2009 at 11:46 AM #

    Did you win the race?

    • Faerie♥Kat July 20, 2009 at 6:40 PM #

      I think he’d be apoplectic!

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