Kat Passes “Inspection”

22 Apr

I’ve been tidying up the house for the past several days in anticipation of meeting my pet-sitter, Lori, yesterday.  I’m so exhausted!  However, meeting Lori made all my efforts worthwhile — she’s a very pleasant and caring animal lover, and only one year older than myself.  She spent about an hour and a half getting to my dogs, as well as getting to know me.

The only unpleasantness came right after she left — I had an absolute panic attack when I couldn’t find one of my dogs, Mickey.  He just was nowhere to be found.  I knew he didn’t get out of the house, but where the heck was he?  I called and called, but no Mickey!  I looked under and behind everything and was getting frantic.  Had he died?

I was really worried because he won’t make a sound if he’s trapped somewhere, like inside a closet — the other two will bark or scratch or whimper, but not him.  I was nearly in tears with concern and frustration.  I mentally retraced all the areas of the house and yard I had shown Lori; I mentally tracked down to the last time I had seen Mickey and — yep — it was in the house while we were sitting in the living room talking.  He had to be in the house somewhere, but where?  I looked everywhere, even inside the dryer, because I had shown Lori how to operate it in case she ran out of reusable puppy-pads.

The only rooms Lori and I hadn’t gone in were the two guest rooms and the guest bath.  Had she sneaked a peek while I was in the other room looking up the dog’s ages on my computer?  Had Mickey popped in unnoticed?  I didn’t really think Lori would do something like that (I hoped she hadn’t, because remember all that tidying up? yeah, well, it all got dumped in those two guest rooms!), but those were the only places I hadn’t looked.  Being desperate (hey, I’d already looked in the refrigerator!), I first checked the bathroom — no dog.  Next I opened the door of the room I use as my library — and out popped Mickey, as care-free and happy as could be!  It was only then I remembered — it was I who had ducked into the library to grab a calculator to figure out the total amount of the check to leave for Lori the morning I left on my trip!

I swear, my head is filled with more and more cobwebs, spiders and dust than brain cells every day — it’s getting to the point where I wonder if it’s safe to get out of bed!!

I wish I had taken before-and-after pictures of my “tidied” up house — the difference is that drastic.  The house, however, is far from clean, though superficially it looks fine.  The five second rule was long ago replaced by the Law of Three in this home:  If any item of food touches the floor, no matter for how long, one of my three Yorkies must eat it as quickly as possible, preferably before I even notice.

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  1. dawtch April 22, 2009 at 10:52 AM #

    Oh my! You clean like I do! *grin* But I only have one spare room – ostensibly the computer/sewing room – to “hide” stuff in. My Hunny tends to be a bit, shall we say ANAL? (He once told me if he had his druthers he’d druther see vacuum tracks in the carpet at all time…as you can probably imagine, I took him by the hand, lead him to the coat closet, and showed him where the vacuum is stored…No, I don’t have vacuum tracks in my house daily. My house is lucky to have them weekly…) I’m happy to say I have managed to remove most of that pre-programming. He actually hid some dirty pans in the oven one day when we had company coming short notice. I’m so proud of him!
    The one concession I have made to his analness (is that even a word..?) is making the bed daily. In my opinion that is THE most useless chore someone ever came up with! What’s the point? You’re just gonna mess it up in 10 or 12 hours… but it’s fairly easy & it makes him happy, so what the Hel?
    We lost one of our cats one morning…the boy & I went nuts trying to find him. There are a lot of places for a cat to hide in a three bedroom, three bathroom, two-story, two-car garage (that you can’t even get ONE into, lol) having house. I was convinced the boy had gone out in the garage for something while I was upstairs…After 20 minutes of hollering, door opening, and tsk, tsk, tsking, while we were both standing at the screen door to the garage looking forlornly out at the STUFFS it contains, knowing a critter could hide for weeks out there, Bel came strolling into the kitchen, looking as unconcerned as you please and as if he had just woken up, and gave us both a look like were nuts, why were standing at that door? We can go out whenever we want, unlike him….still have no idea where he was…
    Oh well, gotta go to work. Talk to ya later 🙂

    • Faerie♥Kat April 22, 2009 at 1:49 PM #

      I am giggling hysterically and the dogs are quite concerned!

      My last kitty, Missy (short for Mischief!) had a fantastic hiding place and
      it was only by chance I ever figured it out — I actually had to catch her
      in the act of egress.

      Little did I know, she could open the cupboard doors and she would leap to
      the top of the refrigerator, open the small cupboard over it and slither
      inside. I never stored anything there because it was just to darn
      difficult to get to, so she had it all to herself and I never thought to
      look for her there!

      I solved my vacuum track problem by tiling the whole house — something you
      can only get away with in Florida! Allows the dust bunnies to “free
      range,” though…sometimes they form a posse and go charging through the
      house…I never ask them who they’re looking for…they’re some mean and
      nasty critters when they join up like that and it’s best to just get out of
      their way!



  2. Nicole April 23, 2009 at 10:23 PM #

    😮 my cat’s name is Missy 😀


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