Susan Boyle

17 Apr

I received an email from Gary two days ago that read simply, “In case you haven’t already heard this,” and contained only an Internet link.  Being a bit busy but intrigued, I didn’t toss it into the “Read Later” folder like so many others of its ilk, and finally got to it this evening.  Tears are still trickling down my cheeks from beneath clumped eyelashes.

Here is where the link took me, and literally took me out of this world.  I’m sure everyone in the world already knows about this phenomenon and, as usual, I’m playing catch up.  People are theorizing about why and how this woman has become such an extraordinary media sensation.  So, of course, I’m throwing in my 3¢ on the subject.

First, obviously, is her incredible and wonderful voice; its pitch, range, strength and sweetness.

Second, and even more obvious, is her appearance; homely (someone cruel would say ugly), mature (someone cruel would say old), matronly (someone cruel would say dowdy and dumpy) and stout (someone cruel would say fat).  I am not cruel; she is just a woman, completely terrestrial in origin, a child of the Goddess and the God.

The grist of the phenomenon is that people believed her voice would match her appearance, but her appearance is completely overwhelmed by her voice, and rightly so.  If she were the most gorgeous woman on the planet, this would still be the case.  Her voice is the pure expression of her spirit, belying everything our vision tells us.

There are so many Susan Boyles in the world.  The Goddess brought the paths of many Susans to walk side-by-side with mine, and it was an honor, every one, to be both companion and champion.

I cried as I watched Susan’s video clip because finally, finally the world has been made witness to the beauty and integrity of all the Susans, the Judys, the Jeanettes, the Geralds, the Anitas, the Alberts, and the Rebeccas, who have taken it on the chin and forgiven the ignorant and cruel who could not, would not look upon them with a kind or accepting spirit, those spirits who could not and would not acknowledge the kind, generous and loving spirits of people who were not graced with outstanding physical beauty.

I cried, oh yes, I cried and I cry still, for a society that reveres physical beauty above all else and is contemptuous of the dreams of those it judges as inferior.  And I cry for the nearly unendurable frisson of a gift from the Goddess, a voice as beautiful as the Goddess herself.

3 Responses to “Susan Boyle”

  1. M April 18, 2009 at 6:10 AM #

    I heard about it in the news and radio, but never heard her sing before. It sent shivers down my spine, but never mind how good she is, she will always be judged by her looks and not her talent. This is the sad world we live in, because it is the outsides that counts. They would rather take a 19 year old plastic surgery beauty queen and put Susan Bolye’s voice over it. Sad, sad, sad!
    Crafty Witch

    • Faerie♥Kat April 18, 2009 at 7:28 PM #

      Welcome back, Crafty Witch!

      Well, here’s hoping for the impossible — if we don’t ask for her to be
      accepted, she never will be. “Don’t ask, don’t get” is one of my favorite

      Hugz to you


  2. dawtch April 21, 2009 at 4:29 PM #

    If it’s any consolation, I hadn’t heard of her until I read this. My redneck, tattooed, truck driver husband, however apparently has, as he brought her up over dinner, asking if I had seen the video yet :/ thank you for allowing me to say yes…lol

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