Emerald Rose

16 Apr

Every once in a while, song lyrics have the power to move the spirit with an infinite power.  Thanks to Hecate of the blog by the same name, I had this experience today and am now providing you with your chance.

Written for the Celtic folk rock group, Emerald Rose, the inspiration for the song, which appears on the group’s CD, Songs for the Night Sky (2004), was Alfred Noyes’ poem, “The World’s Wedding,” from his book Lord of Misrule (1915).

The World’s Wedding (One Single Kiss)

Words and Music by Arthur Hinds

As poppies fired the nut-brown wheat
My love rode by with sun-stained feet
With a longing call and horse hooves fleet
I followed her laughter all a summer morn
But, oh, from a distant palace of shade
I heard the rune of my nature played
I strained to listen and lost the maid
And walked the world forlorn

When the circle green was brown with leaves
My love rode by as one that grieves
I left my stand within the sheaves
And followed her weeping all an autumn noon
From beyond the sunset splashed with red
A circle weighed upon my head
I begged embrace but she had fled
Beyond the dawning moon

When the woods were covered with snow drifts deep
My love passed by as one asleep
I left the earth my horns to keep
And followed her dreaming all a winter’s night
And all along the moonlit track
With thorny shadows printed black
I caught a scent and turned my back
And lost my life’s delight

Maiden of the secret well
I strain for you, yearning
From upon the oak throne quivering
Mistress of the horned moon
I pain for you, burning
Underneath the blue stone shivering
I need you, I need you, I need you….

When heather primed the morning air
My love arose, and I was there
A thousand flowers in her hair
And in her eyes was the Wheel of Time
Reached for her hand, I did not miss
Combining all this diverse bliss
Forged together in one single kiss
We made the world one in rhyme

I have to agree with Hecate that the imagery of “sun-stained feet” is incredibly erotic and the photograph she used in her post is both graceful and powerfully evocative. My photo below is, I think, more serene and calming than evocative, but they still seem “sun-stained” to me.

Exquisite Salon and Spa

Exquisite Salon and Spa

As I was wandering around the Emerald Rose website, I came across a promotional song that seemed tailored-made just for me (click here to have a listen).  It’s from their comedy-themed CD, Con Suite, relased in 2007:

Fairies Stole My Keys

Lyrics by Brian Sullivan & Larry Morris
Tune by Brian Sullivan

I woke up Monday morning, a very special day
I had myself an interview — honest work for honest pay
I walked to my Toyota, as handsome as you please
and found within to my chagrin the fairies stole my keys!

I’d seen them in the kitchen, and all around the floor
They kept a nice apartment just behind the kitchen door
I thundered and I rumbled, I ranted and I screamed
I swear I heard their laughter when the fairies stole my keys

Never try to tell me that fairies don’t exist
I’ve seen them in the forest and playing in the mist
And if you disrespect them, they’ll bring you to your knees
I swear I learned my lesson when the fairies stole my keys

I left them on the table like every other day
There’s plenty other shiny things that they could take away
Why must they mess with my success and threaten my career
And when I listen closely, what’s that jingle that I hear?

I left them cream and butter, I left them copper too
I left them gold and silver, but they never fixed my shoes
No matter how I begged them, they just ignored my pleas
No mercy from the Little Folk, the fairies stole my keys!


I guess I really owe them one, I never got the job
I started playing music in the coffee shops and pubs
I’ve traveled all around the world and lived a life of ease
Since one time, for a little while, the fairies stole my keys!


Fairy Thief

Fairy Thief by Sierra Treasures

5 Responses to “Emerald Rose”

  1. chezchristineo May 4, 2009 at 10:10 AM #

    Dear FaeryKat, I found your blog searching for May 4th, Faeries Day! I love the poem here and especially the song, “A Fairy Stole my Keys.” I’ll be back often to endulge my faery spirit. Guess one never gets too old for the little ones. I’m going to France to paint this summer…I’ll be sure to look for faeries! Thanks for collecting all this fabulous info.
    Create a great day, Christine at ChezChristine

    • Faerie♥Kat May 4, 2009 at 1:21 PM #

      Hi Christine

      I’m happy you stopped by. How I envy you your trip to France; any chance
      you need someone to carry all those heavy paints, LOL! Hey, if you see
      Johnny Depp, be sure to paint a picture of him for me. Can’t wait to visit
      your place. Will be over as soon as I can manage to get through all my
      backed up mail. Sigh.

      Faerie blessings,


      • chezchristineo May 4, 2009 at 2:06 PM #

        Just saw Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci’s movie, The Man Who Cried. Oh, he does make a peeerfect, haunting gypsy…gotta love ‘im! I’ll look for him while I’m there 🙂

  2. Arthur Hinds June 23, 2009 at 8:42 PM #

    Thanks for sharing our words with the world. I’m glad that you enjoy them. I have a solo project as well that you might like to hear, “Poetry of Wonder.”

    • Faerie♥Kat July 20, 2009 at 8:06 PM #

      Merry Meet Arthur

      I checked out your new CD and was very impressed; impressed enough to purchase a copy and write a short review here on my blog at faeriekat.wordpress.com. I also checked out your blog and am happy to hear that your beloved (who, BTW, spells her name exactly as I do—my father named me and chose the spelling which, in the year you and I were born, was highly unusual) is recovering well from her ordeal (as someone born with a chronic condition, she has my utmost empathy, as do you and your son). I chuckled at your post about favorite tracks on your CD for, as you will see, I am in close agreement.

      Faerie blessings,


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