How Could You Work for THEM; Aren’t They “The Enemy”?

5 Apr

Now that I’m finally catching up on reading my 1000+ post backlog (I subscribed to all the blogs I had in my Google Reader through SimplyHeadlines–now each time you upload a post, I get a link to the post by email–twice a day–except for CraftyWitch–you need to put something in the field for your blog name, sweetie; it’s coming up blank and SimplyHeadlines won’t add you if you’re a blank), I’m finding some very interesting stuff, like a post by Ali on her blog, Meadowsweet and Myrrh, entitled “Conspire, Perspire, Expire.”  The post itself is great and so were the comments left by Cat and Jeff.  I was compelled to put my 2 cents in, and I’m posting my comment here because, even if you don’t hustle over to Ali’s blog (which I whole-heartedly recommend you do), I thought you might be interesting in knowing how a faerie witch could work for the Department of the Navy for 25+ years without going crazy (okay, without going COMPLETELY crazy).


Merry Meet!

I’m going to jump into this interesting conversation because of my unique past–a practicing witch who worked for the Department of the Navy for more than 25 years as a civilian. I know your post, Ali, centered on global warming, but it also brought up the question of when to pipe up and how we can influence our environment. (BTW, along with Jeff, I, too, thoroughly enjoyed your metaphor of the lie as a deteriorating ship; very clever and well written!)

I was an English major when I took an internship as an Editor of military technical documentation one summer and, when I couldn’t afford to return to my studies and couldn’t find other employment, eventually worked my way into a position as a senior Contract Negotiator.

So, how did I reconcile my earth-centered spirituality with the death-centric goals of the military all those long years? Surprisingly, my answer is very similar to Cat’s, and I think you will find yourself adapting to the world in much the same way, if you cannot already pinpoint how you have already.

I concentrated my efforts in the field of hardware and training systems research and development, thereby contributing to the safety and well-being of our own men and women whenever possible. Just as Cat takes every opportunity to foster reading skills (even if it means such opportunities also foster interest in areas that she’d rather not have her students participate), my opportunities fostered increased survival in encounters I’d rather not have happen at all. Since the likelihood of these encounters ceasing was not realistic, survival was a better option; one that I could influence and where I could a contribution.

A military force is a necessity born of human civilization, and humanity may never be able to eliminate its necessity. The best I could hope was to curb the worst of its excesses and provide our troops with the best protection, experience and information available. I have not stopped campaigning against war and I never abandoned my principles.

I had to chuckle when I read Jeff’s evaluation of federal and military officials—because I agree with every word. The military industrial complex (MIC) is too big for a conspiracy as large as the “global warming lie” to survive; too many people’s fingers in the pie would be required. Small conspiracies may survive for short terms, until the conspirators move on. This movement within the MIC is inevitable and actually necessary. As a pond requires a source of running water to keep from becoming stagnant, the MIC only continues to survive if the instigators move before their implemented programs fail. The new incumbent in the position will then “fix” the failures by instigating their own new programs, and this new instigator will be sure to move on before their program flaws grow too obvious and failure becomes a foregone conclusion. Evaluation of their current effort doesn’t include failures they leave BEHIND, so they have no stake in the long-term survival or success of the programs they instigate. Thus, the vicious cycle continues. Well-meaning? I would say this of the majority. Myopic, misguided, and incompetent? Very much so, sadly; the system relies on these very things for its continued existence.

I was, of course, the sole exception lol!

Faerie blessings,


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