Saturday in Kat’s Garden

4 Apr

How amazing what Mother Nature can accomplish in less than seven days.

The Giant Elephant Ears have survived and are already a foot high, where last Saturday there was nothing!  They traveled a bit from where they were last year, but seem none the worse for having done so.


The Jasmine is in bloom and the fragrance is enticing, where last Saturday there was nothing!


The amaryliis suddenly launched, where last Saturday there was nothing!  One will even bloom soon.


The ferns are vigorously thriving and the four o’clocks have reseeded themselves, and there was nothing in these spots last Saturday!


The iris are, one by one, showing of here and there:


The leaves on the Orchid Tree and the Jacaronda are bursting free and gracefully waiving overhead, where last Saturday there were only a few…bravely, tentatively reaching for the sun.


The Areca Palm and Birds of Paradise have been pruned, but how I’ll get up high enough to prune the Queen Palms I haven’t quite figured out yet:


Two of the Hibiscus and the ever-invasive Bamboo have been pruned back, too.


The bane of this year’s garden has also been sprouting like…weeds!


Thank you, Mother Nature.  I’m sure next week will bring even more exciting changes.

2 Responses to “Saturday in Kat’s Garden”

  1. Nicole April 4, 2009 at 9:42 PM #

    YAY the pictures of your garden… its sooo pretty. I’m so jealous I want a garden. We live in a condo so its just whatever they want to plant. I have this tree by the house that I call my “elf” tree. I always leave stuff there like stones etc.. its the only place that the flowers just grow wild.

    • Faerie♥Kat April 4, 2009 at 10:02 PM #

      This is the first and only home I’ve ever owned; I bought it in 1993. Up
      until that time, I, too, lived places (like apartments, townhouses and
      condos) where I was not at liberty to modify the landscape. So, I did a
      lot of container gardening and had some bonsai trees. Every winter I would
      force bulbs inside, like paperwhites and hyacinths. Stargazer lilies did
      very well in half-whiskey barrels on the fire escape when I lived in an old
      Victorian house in Newport, RI. But having a whole yard to shape and mold,
      scrape and dig and play in has been a dream come true, and a very big
      learning experience that continues even now. I worked hard for it, I
      earned it completely on my own, and I think you can probably understand how
      every plant and tree on it is a precious entity and my friend.

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