I Am Happily Self-Infused!

23 Dec

Jackie, my nurse, called this morning to let me know that I have officially been “drummed out” of the clinical drug trial and didn’t have to come into the office today for my Cinryze infusion.  Yeah!  So I needled up and did my first official Cinryze infusion myself at home.  Double yeah!  And promptly fell back to sleep — how glorious not to have to get my sorry ass into a car while having an attack (moderate though it was) and drive 20 minutes to my doctor’s office to get it “fixed!”

I am officially the first person in the US to kick-off the use of Cinryze outside of the clinical trials AND I’m doing it at home WITHOUT supervision or oversight.  I am finally in charge of my health once again.  What a blessing and what a coup for the Hereditary Angio Edema (HAE) Association — it is thanks to their perseverance and dedication that this has happened — and I was no slouch either!  This has literally been a fight for my life.  Now I just have to scratch up $7,600 and life will be golden.  I hoped to hear from PSI before they shut down for the holiday season, but ce la vie!  Life is still GREAT!

2 Responses to “I Am Happily Self-Infused!”

  1. gt281 December 23, 2008 at 7:23 PM #

    Tis great news,, but I ask…
    How come it is that the jolly ho-ho elf was
    able to visit you early? Is he not afraid of swamp snakes
    and alligators,, besides there is so much fluffy white faerie
    poo snow up here,, that I’m sure that if he just looked about,, he would see
    it tis more like his normal abode where I retire and dream of
    sugar plum faeries…..
    Ta-ta I’m late,, I have to catch a train…..


    • Faerie♥Kat December 23, 2008 at 10:03 PM #

      Methinks perhaps the lack of faerie poo is what enticed the fat fellow down
      my way. Last time I checked he was looking a bit pasty and in need of some
      sun. We don’t want the poor fellow to expire from rickets, now do we? I
      hope you used a big net to catch that train; elephant guns just piss them
      off! Faerie kizzes just because….Kat

      > [Original Message]

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