Caylee Anthony Declared Dead

19 Dec

Dr. G confirmed today in a press announcement that DNA results show the remains discovered last week are those of Caylee Anthony.  It is a sad day here in Central Florida, but the nightmare is not over.  Not by a long shot.

I can’t help wondering what snacks her mother ordered from the prison “goodie list” when she was given the news as the “next of kin.”  Who wants to bet she goes for the pork rinds again, like she did when the body was found?  We know she did refuse to see her reverend, but was more than happy to receive her defense team.  Uh huh.  She doesn’t have time for grieving or solace of the soul (and why would she, she’s known Caylee was dead since July), but gotta get going on saving her own worthless skin!  And maybe get a little comfort and sympathy from her good friend, Jose Baez, hmmm?

We already know that she and her parents are sticking with the “Zanny the Nanny did it and dumped the body there to implicate Casey” story. Casey’s not ready to stop spinning her web of lies and her parents may never be able to reconcile themselves to the fact that they raised a murderer.  Nancy Grace of CNN thinks it’s “normal and natural” for these parents to lash out at everyone and everything in their “grief and anguish,” but I don’t find anything normal or natural about it.  I don’t think it’s normal, natural or healthy for them to transfer their feelings of guilt and failure into accusations of murder against innocent people or vituperations upon the public and against the jurisprudence system.  They have, however, offered to stop lying and really start cooperating in exchange for complete immunity; they like to call it “telling inconsistent stories,” but I call it lying, and I think it’s a little late in the game to start cooperating and asking for immunity!

I’m glad the role of the utilities employee, who originally called in to report this area back in August and then called again in December, has been cleared up.  He called on 3 separate days and people were jumping to the conclusion that he was involved in some way because of it.  Turns out when he called on August 11, he and the police failed to meet up at the tip scene.  So he called again on August 12 and the dispatcher who took that lead decided that the tip had already been investigated.  Back the guy calls on August 13, trying to get some action.  Two squad cars finally show up to talk to him at the tip site (that finally in December turns into the recovery site), but for some reason the body was not found (investigations as to what exactly the two cops did and didn’t do are still underway, but the utilities employee’s actions — calling 3 times in 3 days — are no longer “suspicious” — at least, not to me) and the meter-reader is (at some point) transferred to a different work route.  Then the hurricanes arrive and the whole area is under water for the next 3-4 months.  When he is reassigned back to his original work route, he once again stops in the area (to relieve himself — not the most “heroic” mental picture, I must admit) and stumbles upon the evidence again.

My theory is that Casey buried Caylee in a shallow grave within what in Florida is called a neighborhood greenbelt (a patch of Florida scrubland left intact and meant to be preserved as a natural wildlife buffer in perpetuity) across from the school where neighborhood children (1) buried their childhood pets and (2) sneaked their first cigarettes and beers.  At some point, an animal dug up the bag and the smaller remains were scattered throughout the greenbelt.  Eventually, the bag was dragged through the greenbelt by animals until it was near enough to the edge to be seen a few feet in from the street, where it apparently was later found.  This explains why the woman, who is absolutely emphatic she searched along the verge of that greenbelt before the hurricanes, did not find anything.  It is very possible the bag had not been dragged that far at the time of her search.  It is also possible she walked right past it; the density of brush in Florida greenbelts can be deceptive.  You may think you are looking at the forest/swamp/scrubland “floor” and actually be looking at the top of a tangled mass of dead kudzu-like vineor other viney mass covered with detritus that looks just like solid ground, but under which is another entire layer of forest/swamp/scrubland habitat.  That’s why professional searchers use long metal poles and stab down into everything, testing porosity.

I still maintain, since Casey did not have a job and was not working since 2006, she had no need for a babysitter.  No one has ever seen, talked to or heard from the purported babysitter; there is no evidence to be found at all that a babysitter as described and named by Casey exists at all.  All of Jose Baez’ assertions aside that we “don’t know half of the real story,” by which I assume he means we only know half of the lies Casey has told him, and that we “will find out at trial,” I can discover no motive outside of Casey’s family for murder of a 3-year old child.  If, as Baez asserts, Caylee was alive up until today and he and others were frantically searching for her, would there not be something in the “real story” that would assist the public in the pursuit?  It has always bothered me that he has been singing this refrain from the git-go; no one but he and his client, apparently, know the whole, real story and aren’t saying shit until the trial — at which point (assuming all along Caylee was alive and in mortal danger) it may be too late to save the little girl.  However, I believe Baez has known all along Caylee was dead because of his (1) refusal to share the “whole” story and motivate the public to action; (2) failure to pick up Caylee sighting tips from the police after he demanded them; (3) failure to file a request for speedy trial; (4) failure to file for a change in jurisdiction; and (5) over familiarity with Casey.  All-in-all, he gives me the creeps; he’s the type of slimy individual that gives lawyers their bad name.  Also, he outright lies — he claims information has been leaked when said information was required by law to be made public when he requested its disclosure!  So, not only is he slimy, he’s also stupid.  He simply doesn’t have any redeeming qualities, and now a bunch of other self-styled and self-named “experts” are in a hurry to grab their spot in the lime-light and “help” Casey pro-bono.  Somebody save us from fucking defense lawyer “dream teams” like Casey’s (remember OJ’s?) — they don’t exist to fight for justice — they only exist to defend the guilty, sow confusion, and make LOADS OF DIRTY MONEY FOR THEMSELVES!!!

Never Let Caylee Marie Anthony Be Forgotten


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