Peruvian Creation Myth–First Story Ever Told

16 Dec

My friend, Stacy, shared this on her MySpace blog. She found it on one of her local pagan forums, where her friend Jaggg had posted it. Jaggg studied the old indigenous mysteries under Don Antonio, the recorder of this beautiful creation myth. If you should decide to share this story yourself, please give credit to Jaggg and Don Antonio.



The first story ever told was told to me by the light of fire.  The best light to write by, make love by, and to tell stories by.  It was told to me by a Shaman, many years ago.  You remember this story.  Don’t you?  The first story?  Of course you do.  Remember?  It began when the Sun shed a tear.

Time was young when the Sun shed a tear that fell upon the Earth.  The Earth was a maiden and the Sun was the brightest star in the heavens.  And the earth courted the Sun, orbiting the object of its love, turning to show off her every aspect, spinning around, like a young girl pirouetting, seducing a Great Star with her blue green beauty, while sister Moon circled in attendance, the chaperone.


Now the truth is that the Sun had always favored the Earth, but there was a time when the Great Star’s attentions had been taken by the Moon for her own.  But the light of the Sun always had shown upon Earth, for it was the true object of his passion.  The old maid Moon resigned herself to their love, and although she was devoted to the Earth and would attend her faithfully, she found that she could not look steadily upon the lovers, and took to hiding her sadness in shadow.


And it was at such a time when the face of the Moon was hidden behind a shadow shroud, that the Sun and the Earth, free from the attention of their pale matron, consummated their love.

Of course, the Earth was pregnant with life for quite some time.  And the seas became swollen with child, for life grew in the Earth’s ocean womb.  And sister Moon, faithful matron, became midwife, for everybody knows that the seas respond to her.


Then one day the Sun smiled, the Moon beamed, the Earth sighed, and life was born.  And the Sun shed a tear of joy that landed on the Earth.  Remember?  It fell in the land of the Stone People, a tear of fire.
That’s how we remember it, the Stone People told us.  You see, before the plants and animals there were the Stone People.  And as life emerged from the ocean womb, the Stone People gathered around the tear of fire that the Sun had shed, and they wondered what to do.

They formed a circle around the fire, and as long as the circle was unbroken the fire stayed within and burned, and there was warmth and light even when the Sun was shining on another part of the Earth.  The only problem was what to do with this great tear of fire.  Remember?


They came from everywhere; the Stone People did, even from the sea.  They moved very slow.  And the smooth sea stones dried before this fire, felt the moisture leave them, turned to mist, and the Stone People knew that this was a magical thing, to be cared for.

But the Stone People were confounded. Those who had formed a circle had long since been relieved by others, and they knew that they must find a place for this gift or remain there in counsel around the fire, its caretakers, forever.  And the Moon would show her face full many times, and the Earth would dance around and around the Sun, while the Stone People sat in counsel and deliberated what to do.  The debate was long, because every word they spoke took them one full year to pronounce.  You remember that the Stone People did not measure time, and that all this while life was growing on the shores of the Earth.  It emerged from the sea womb and nestled against the breast of the Earth, and still fire burned in the center of an ever-growing circled Stone People.  There were those who told of the great cavern in the center of the Earth, the place of their origins.  All agreed that this would be an appropriate place for this shimmering tear, but the problem was how to take it there.

The circle couldn’t hold.  The Stone People could no longer contain the object of their wonder, and the tear of fire spread to the four directions.  It sought the crevices.  It filled the cracks in the rocks, and fell into the deep ravines, and followed the great underground streams all the way to the center of the earth, where it will burn forever.


And that is how fire came to the Earth. It was a gift to our Mother.  It was a proud father’s tear of joy.

Don Antonio
Peruvian Paqo


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  1. Stacy December 17, 2008 at 11:20 PM #

    I just love this. I’ve read it so many times the last couple of days that I’m nigh on memorizing it!

    • Faerie♥Kat December 17, 2008 at 11:27 PM #

      I love it, too; I’m so glad you shared it. We need to do everything we can
      to keep wonderful, oral traditions, myths and stories like these from ever
      being lost. BTW, good job on the picture selections, sweetie!

      > [Original Message]

  2. Stacy December 18, 2008 at 7:12 PM #

    lol thanks.. took me a long time to find ones that I felt fit the story.

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