The Caylee Marie Anthony Story

13 Dec

A real-life tale of unmitigated horror has been unfolding a mere 19.9 miles from my home since July 15.  On that fateful day, Cindy Anthony called 911 in a state of hysteria to report that her nearly three-year-old granddaughter, Caylee Anthony, had been “stolen” 30 days before. She also claimed that the car driven by Casey Anthony, her daughter and mother of the missing child, “smells like there’s been a dead body” in it.  Following this heartbreaking news has been a series of outrageous lies and behavior by Casey Anthony, the likes of which one would think should only occur in really bad movies.

Here are two examples of the “what was she thinking” lies:

  1. Tells police she works at Universal Studios and actually takes them to her non-existent office before breaking down and admitting she doesn’t work there.  In fact, she hasn’t worked at Universal since April 2006.  She told her parents she was working somewhere since April 2006 and left the house each day “to go to work,” taking the child with her to drop off with a “nanny*” (Casey Anthony apparently is a mite too good to use a babysitter and never uses the term), but FBI video reveals that George Anthony, Casey’s father, knew she didn’t have a job.  He admits he never questioned her about where she went each day or why she was lying about her employment.  WTF?  Didn’t he wonder where she was getting the money to pay for a “nanny” either?  But then, of course, if she had no job, she had no real need for a babysitter, did she?  Which brings us to the next whopper.
  2. Tells police she dropped Caylee off at an apartment complex with the “nanny,” who she named (and who I will not—poor woman has been through enough hell).  Except the apartment she identifies hadn’t been occupied since March 2008, the person she named has never lived at that complex, all of the buildings Casey identifies as places the “nanny” or people related to the “nanny” lived are proven to be false, she can’t identify the person she named in a photo line-up, the man she says originally hired the “nanny” and introduced her to the “nanny” isn’t married, doesn’t have a child, and hasn’t seen Casey since they went to school together, and (I think this is the most telling of all) neither Casey’s parents, brother, boyfriends or any other friends, acquaintances or enemies have never met, seen, heard, or spoken to the “nanny.”  Casey has no pictures of Caylee with the “nanny.”  Casey has no phone records or phone numbers for the “nanny.”  Casey has no email records.  There is absolutely no evidence at all to support the existence of a “nanny” or any other kind of babysitter and, as I point out in lie #1, there was never any need for a babysitter either, except as a scapegoat.

*Wiktionary defines “nanny” as (1) a child’s nurse (I don’t think any “nursing” was being provided as Casey never claimed the person had any specialized training); (2) a grandmother (colloquial) (and she wasn’t the grandmother—she has/had a real paying job); or (3) a female goat (maybe she really WAS a goat—a scapegoat!). “Babysitter” is defined as (1) a person who cares for one or more babies or children for a short period of time in place of their legal guardians.  I wonder why Casey is so adamant about using the term “nanny.” Scapegoat = female goat = nanny; I think I see a Freudian slip showing here, Casey.

These two lies are just the tip of the iceberg, my friends.  All of Casey’s lies are overly elaborate and filled with tons of unnecessary detail, as though she’s been going over and over them in her head, imagining and practicing a whole “alternate reality.”  She fails to pull it off, though, because there isn’t any emotion; she’s too controlled.  The only time she “breaks” and we see big crocodile tears is when she gets to think about poor Casey, herself.  Notice that I say “gets,” because this is all about her.  Watch the jail house tapes of her talking to her parents when they know they are being recorded, but they don’t know that the tapes could be used as evidence or released to the public.  She’s actually giddy!  She is so happy to have their attention, it will make you ill.  They have to cut her off and remind her that her daughter is missing!  She is so over the whole incident.  She’s put it behind her and has already moved on.  That’s why she was out renting videos, stealing and forging her girlfriend’s checks, dancing at nightclubs and exhibiting other inappropriate behavior.  In order to talk the prosecution into taking the death penalty off the table, one of her lawyers intimated that this behavior could possibly be due to the mania side of manic-depressive illness.  BULLSHITE!  My mother is bipolar and there were plenty of times she almost killed me…and I guarantee she was never “manic” afterwards; in fact, quite the opposite.

Now a child’s remains have been found less than a half mile from the home shared by Casey and her parents.  I think it’s poor little Caylee, as do most people here in Central Florida.  They are saying that duct tape around the mouth was evident.  It didn’t get there by accident, which is important.  I think once accidental death is ruled out, the death penalty will be back on the table.  How could anybody harm a child?  How could a parent harm their child?  How could a parent murder their child and be so damn cold and unfeeling about it?  I accept that it happens, I just don’t understand it.  Rationally, I know not all the weirdos and creepy-ass bitches of the world live in Florida, but some days it seems like they do.

Between the finding of Caylee and my grandmother calling to tell me about the funeral arrangements she made for herself (so I won’t have to worry!), I’m just sick to death of death.

Rest In Peace Caylee Marie

Caylee Marie -- Beautiful Child, Rest in the Blessed Arms of the Mother Goddess


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  1. Stacy December 14, 2008 at 10:11 AM #

    This is so heartbreaking. I don’t keep up with stories like this and my mom was just telling me all about it yesterday. It’s why I don’t bother watching the national news channels. There is so much cruelty and disgusting behavior in this world.. I just can’t stomach it.

    I hope this crazy woman gets hers and that this beautiful baby is at peace.


    • Faerie♥Kat December 14, 2008 at 10:10 PM #

      It’s been rather difficult to ignore this story, since it’s practically
      down the street. Unbelievable amounts of people have been searching for
      this toddler for months. The area where she was found has been under water
      due to hurricanes since shortly after she went missing. It’s a miracle
      that she was even found. I understand why you say Casey is crazy; I think
      anyone who kills is automatically crazy and that’s why I don’t believe in
      an insanity defense. But I don’t think she’s crazy by any psychological
      definition that can be used in her defense. She’s a pathological liar and
      probably a sociopath, too, but she certainly was in full possession of her
      faculties and completely aware of what she was doing. She very artfully
      lied every step of the way, from telling friends her father had a heart
      attack to telling her parents she was in Tampa General with the “nanny” who
      had been in a car accident. You just would not believe the lies she has
      told, and they have all been lies that could easily be verified through
      official records; her father was never hospitalized, a “nanny” was never
      hospitalized, but she dances around the truth so well it’s very apparent
      she has done so (and done so skillfully) for a very long time.

      In all of this the one person I’m tempted to feel empathy for is the
      grandfather, George, although that empathy has been waning. The
      grandmother, Cindy, appears to have been covering up and enabling her
      daughter for a long time, shielding her from the consequences of her
      behavior (which included stealing from her grandparent’s (Cindy’s parent’s)
      retirement accounts!). Cindy has even gone so far as to provide the wrong
      hairbrush to the FBI when asked for Caylee’s hairbrush; she provided a
      hairbrush used by both Caylee and Casey, and did it knowingly and with
      forethought. When she first called 911, she was very hot under the collar
      to have her daughter arrested for stealing their car (the one that smelled
      of death) and blogged about her daughter’s poor parenting skills and
      sociopathic behavior. But to listen to her now, Casey is, was and has
      always been an exceptionally excellent mother and daughter, completely
      incapable of anything remotely improper. She even stated that Casey had
      done nothing wrong at the first bond hearing, where Casey was accused of
      child neglect and lying to police, as though lying to the police
      constitutes “nothing wrong!”

      So many people want us to feel sorry for Cindy. They think her denial is
      her way of coping with losing both her daughter and her granddaughter, but
      I sense something deeper is going on here. She is not simply in denial;
      she outright rejects anything that disagrees with her own fantasy world,
      where Caylee is alive and Casey is a martyr unfairly accused. And she is
      dragging her husband down the rabbit hole with her. George knew, and told
      the FBI he knew, that what he smelled in his daughter’s car was the smell
      of decomposition, but his wife has now convinced him that it was rotting
      pizza, even though evidence shows the pizza box was empty. When Cindy said
      she last saw Caylee on June 9 (because that’s when Casey said she had last
      seen Caylee), George simply agreed that was also when he had last seen her.
      However, video on a cell phone proved that Cindy had Caylee with her on
      June 15 while visiting her father, Caylee’s great grandfather, for Father’s
      Day (oops!). At first I failed to understand how grandma could have
      “forgotten” the incident, but as time has passed, it is becoming clear that
      Cindy is not immune to her daughter’s manipulative lies; in fact, it
      appears that she is compliant in the face of her daughter’s bad behavior
      and has long since tired of trying to change it. George, I believe, is
      completely passive and evades confrontation with both his wife and his
      daughter, as well as his son, and avoids the situation better than a
      proverbial ostrich with it’s head in the sand. They beat him into dust a
      millennia ago. I empathize with his situation, but I cannot respect his
      failure to act. This whole family is a nest of viperous neuroses.

      It makes me ill to know that they live in the same state I live in, and my
      skin crawls to know that they are only minutes away, yet their hold on my
      community is like a grip of iron. They are the car crash that no one can
      look away from. They are a nightmare from which we cannot awake until
      Casey stops lying, and no one believes Casey will ever tell the truth.

      > [Original Message]

  2. chelle December 15, 2008 at 12:11 PM #

    I totally agree I beleive that Cindy is in control of this family. I also beleive that she knows more about the situation then she has let on. I do not understand how a mother can be so nieve to all this. I hate that people take life so carelessly. I feel that we will all answer for he wrong that we have done .

    • Faerie♥Kat December 15, 2008 at 2:04 PM #

      Cindy sure likes to complain and throw blame around, but she doesn’t really
      seem to be suffering greatly. She and George are currently residing at the
      Ritz (!) for $300/night and eating at their 4 star restaurant for
      $100/person even though they are free to enter their home They once
      pleaded poverty (at the initial bail bond hearing), but now money appears
      to be no object. They were able to jump on a plane for California to check
      out a tip (and that’s where they were when the child’s remains were found)
      and, while George has been retired for some time and is said to have
      amassed significant gambling debts that drained the equity in the family
      home, Cindy has not worked since this started, so there is no income being
      generated from honest labor. Word is that they’ve sold the rights to book
      and movie deals (which really makes my cringe, to think they agreed at a
      very early stage to make money off of their granddaughter’s disappearance
      and murder in order to save their disgusting daughter’s life and keep
      themselves living pretty high on the hog with expensive lawyers, PR
      spinners, and a “dream team” defense). There are rumors that they both
      will be charged with obstruction and impeding an investigation, but like
      you, I think it will go even deeper, especially with regard to Cindy. And
      the disappearance of the son/brother from the scene is worrisome to me; he
      was the one who talked his parents out of taking lie detector tests before
      he vanished and he claimed on the stand during the initial bond hearing
      that, because they were so close, Casey told him things, even things their
      parents didn’t know. Casey even named Caylee after herself and her
      brother: “Cay,” the first syllable in her own name, and “lee,” for her
      brother, Lee, which I think is more than a wee bit twisted.

      I, too, believe that we all answer for our actions and choices; if not in
      this life, then in the next. No one will punish us more than we punish
      ourselves, so I will never understand why people shirk responsibility in
      the here and now. You will never escape responsibility for what you do or
      fail to do. Cause and effect are always in play; choice and consequence
      are the two sides of one coin; one does not happen without the other
      following. Denial, refusal, or rejection of this reality may delay the
      consequences, but it will never eliminate them, and the Anthony family is
      racking up a huge bill of consequences that is going to grind them into

      > [Original Message]

  3. a Nurse who is tired of Nurse Cindy Anthony's lies April 25, 2009 at 2:46 AM #


    Thanks for clarifying the whole “nanny” nonsense- I thought that Casey’s constant reference to the “nanny” was weird from the get go. Here in the Midwest, a single mom who lives with her working/middle class parents doesn’t have a “NANNY” for her child, she might have a “babysitter”, but NOT a “nanny”. Then I thought that maybe this was some Florida thing- like everybody with kids who works at K-Mart or the hospital or whatever calls the sitter a nanny -LOL!!

    As a nurse and the parent of a now grown daughter, I can tell you that Cindy Anthony had to know whether or not her daughter had a job, whether or not Caylee had a baby sitter, and how much money Casey did or didn’t have. I don’t believe that anyone who could pass a State Nursing Board exam and who has raised two children could possibly believe the lies that Casey told.
    What I still cannot fathom is why Cindy and Gorge waited a whole month to report Caylee missing- the HAD to know that Casey was irresponsible (as evidenced by Cindy’s now removed blog (mySpace?) comments about how she (Cindy) had fed, clothed, and sheltered Caylee – so when the little grandchild they have taken care of just vanished with their daughter who they knew had no place to live,no significant other, was stealing money, etc- how could they wait a whole month to call Police???
    Most Grandmas in this situation would have demanded the child be produced, then called the police/ child welfare when the daughter failed to bring the grandchild around- I would think within 72 hours of the last time the child was seen- not 30 days later!!!!
    I think that Cindy was the kind of co-dependent enabler that I have unfortunately seen frequently in nursing- she probaby got some sort of martyr like joy or a feeling of superiority over her shiftless, irresponsible daughter, and Caylee became the ultimate victim of these sick dynamics.
    I just wish Cindy and George would come clean and let the focus be on the memory of Caylee, instead of blaming everyone except their own daughter for this crime.


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