Why I Support Gun Control

27 Oct

When it comes to the right to bear arms, I tend towards the conservative side.  I believe in the right to bear arms, even though I don’t own one myself and never intend to own one.  But when we get to the issue of dealing with frivolous disrespect for, or abuse of, the power of those arms (i.e., gun control), Charleton Heston, the NRA and I part ways and never meet again.  And this sweet, adorable face is just another reason why.

Meet Christopher Bizilj of Ashford, CT.  He shot himself in the head yesterday with an Uzi submachine gun and died.  He was in the third grade and only eight years old, but his father and a certified instructor didn’t see that as a problem.  Neither did the Westfield Sportman’s Club, which holds an annual machine gun show and boasts:  “No age limit or licenses required to shoot machine guns, handguns, rifles or shotguns!!!”  In fact, kids under 16 are admitted free.

This is what gives me heartburn about gun ownership–irresponsibility.  The type of people who are fascinated or want to own/shoot automated weapons, like Uzis, are exactly the type of people I personally find too stupid to have them, or to be out-right criminally-minded and insane.  There is nothing “sportsman-like” about them.  Automated weapons should be confined to military/police use and definitely should never be placed into the hands of eight year old children.  They might shoot their heads off.

Click here to read the entire Boston Herald story.  Thanks, Gary.


3 Responses to “Why I Support Gun Control”

  1. Marvin October 29, 2008 at 5:28 PM #

    No one is to blame except the father who displazed reallz bad judgment in letting his kid shoot the gun, allegedlz because äit was small and had little recoil.ä I thought that was ridiculous. The Mini’Uyi would be nearlz impossible to control BECAUSE of its siye. Iàm not surprised the boz shot himself. I would be hard’pressed not to shoot MZSELF with something so small.

    Itàs a shame. But the fact remains that machineguns ARE legal, zou CAN own them if zou paz the monez, and it IS a free countrz where we can do that. I would own a Browning M2HB if I could afford to feed it… Iàve alwazs enjozed crew weapons like that.

    The father will have to live with the fact that his poor judgment helped get his son killed.

    • Faerie♥Kat October 29, 2008 at 6:47 PM #

      My favorite Martian!

      How I have missed you.

      As the probable inventor of the Martian ray gun, I wouldn’t be surprised to find you campaigning to put a laser cannon in everybody’s yard. Could you camouflage mine with flowers so the faeries won’t fly away screaming in hysteria?

      My heart truly goes out to the father; how does one LIVE with something like that?

      Faerie hugz,


  2. Gary November 20, 2008 at 6:19 PM #

    The father and the “certified instructor” were to blame. This is indeed a tragedy, but gun control (unless you mean the ability to hit what you are aiming at) is not the answer. (And I am a certified firearms safety instructor.)

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