Bigotry and Moral Indignation is Alive and Well in California

23 Oct

My friend, Gary, sent me an email with this link to a video that is so homophobic I was mortified and astounded.  If you are someone who believes that people and their partners who find themselves in the unenviable position of being “gay” should NOT be afforded the same benefits and protections as any other couple who the Government allows to be legally married, then you are not going to like my position on this topic and I invite you to stop reading right now.

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans-gendered (LGBT) individuals just to learn to accept and love themselves in the face of continuing bigotry — in what should be an enlightened world by this time — much less deal with moral indignation and denigration of the sanctity and sacredness of their loving relationships once they find someone special — which is difficult enough for everyone today without hypocrites like these parents seeking to keep the status quo.

This video serves to remind me that there are people out there who are actually willing to go to jail just to hold on to their outdated prejudices and moral superiority, and who will actually weep because they live in a state where the majority voted that it is NOT acceptable for jerks like this to pass such reprehensible and assinine behavior on to their offspring.

According to the Parkers of Massachusetts, in 2005 their son was given the book, “Who’s In A Family,” as part of a “diversity bookbag” he received in kindergarten.  Mr. Parker states that this book “introduces children to same sex households,” which is correct and not inflammatory, but then interviewer, Tony Perkins, paraphrases and misinterprets this statement by restating that their son was “given a book about homosexuality and marriage.”  A whole book?  More about this later.

Poor Mrs. Parker (yes, I’m being facetious, thank you for noticing) is “upset” that her child was introduced to same sex households without her permission and that it was “couched as diversity”!  Well, duh.  Doesn’t poor Mrs. Parker know that the laws of this United States require that its citizens not discriminate toward or against any person or group based on certain characteristics, which includes race, age, gender, and sexual preference?  And how did poor Mrs. Parker miss the tutorial that people of different races, ages, genders, and sexual preferences are exactly what creates diversity?  And didn’t poor Mrs. Parker participate in the electoral process of her own state, the fine State of Massachusetts, where same sex marriage was made legal by popular vote?  Poor, upset Mrs. Parker.  Her children are being corrupted without her permission; she wants to be the only person to corrupt her children, in accordance with her religious beliefs.  If only she had known that making same sex marriage legal in Massachusetts was going to lead to her children finding out in school that same sex parents exist, why, I’m sure she would have drowned her children in the bath tub to protect them from such satanic influence!  Okay, probably not.  That was pretty inflammatory, but I couldn’t help myself and I apologize, but this is where bigotry and moral/religious superiority leads, far, far too often.

Most definitely, the fact that there are different types of families and parental combinations (how many grandparents do you think are raising their grandchildren; how many single parents are out there; how many children are in foster families; the combinations are not endless, but they are many) is an important subject for pre-school and elementary school students because these children (having imbibed the sour milk from their mother’s bigoted tits) are profoundly cruel to children over these “alternatively” structured families that are, BTW, growing closer to the norm (the fact of which some “traditional” parents will be dragged kicking and screaming to the pit, in total denial in the face of all contradicting evidence).

The extended family (grandparents + parents + children + unmarried sisters/brothers/others) was once the only acceptable family structure (and is advocated by the Holy Bible, but I noticed that Mr. Parker’s mother-in-law isn’t living with them).  The nuclear family structure (parents + children only) is now the norm and same sex parents are as nuclear as anybody.  Their children do not deserve to be bullied and bloodied by the holy rolling terrors Mr. and Mrs. Bigot think they have the right to breed and raise.

Back to poor Mrs. Parker, who thinks this tiny little book about tolerance for all types of parents somehow introduces “homosexual relationships and homosexual behavior“.  You can dig that deep if you want to, but the book never uses the word “homosexual” or even the term “same sex marriage.”  As Mr. Parker himself tells us, the most reprehensible thing about the entry on same sex parents reads (drum roll as Mr. Parker whips out the offending book from behind his ass):  “Clifford and her Dad’s partner, Henry.”  OMG, the sky is falling!  But…wait a gay minute.  I was promised homosexual behavior.  Where is it?  Mr. Perkins told me this was “a book about homosexuality and marriage”.  That’s it?  That’s all?  One completely child-friendly drawing that spans across two pages showing one father cooking, another father setting the table, a child sitting at the table looking down at her cat who is rubbing around her ankles, the child’s art tacked up on the frig…oh, the horror!  WTF?  No mention of marriage, no mention of S-E-X of any kind; no transvestites, no butt fucking or clit nibbling, just a Normal Family Scene.

Just like the question of where babies come from, the concept that this family dynamic has anything to do with S-E-X (as opposed to love or devotion or anything remotely nice), much less what sex really is, is not going to dawn on a child in kindergarten, but it will let them know that such families exist–and exist happily.  I’m willing to bet, had Mr. and Mrs. Parker not made a big ass deal out of it, their son would have had no questions at all.  And what skin off their noses would it have cost the Parker parents to simply say, if actually ASKED about the sexual habits of same sex parents (just as when asked about their OWN sexual habits), “What adults do with each other in private is no one else’s business.  What’s important to remember is that all people have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and this looks like a HAPPY FAMILY.”

Now, where was it I read about that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness crap?

NEWSFLASH:  There are same sex households/parents in Massachusetts.  There are same sex households/parents in every state in the United States.  There are same sex households/parents in every country on the face of this planet — even China, who spells it funny.  And these parents pay their taxes, obey the constitution, and are doing a better job of raising the children under their care than Mr. and Mrs. Bigot, IMO.

So get a grip on reality, bigots — and teach your children (that you still don’t need a license to have–and believe you me, I’m working on that) to live in the real world and exercise tolerance.  For be sure that if you won’t do it (because, like the Parkers, you want to be notified in advance so you can “opt out” of anything you don’t like in your version of the “diversity bookbag” and be free to instill in your innocent children, who will have to live and exist in the real world, your hatred, bigotry and morally superior ideas about who should and shouldn’t be tolerated), don’t be surprised when society does it for you.

Don’t like it?  I have a nice jail cell you can share with Mr. Parker, where you can have a nice cry on each other’s shoulder and take my name in vain.  Knock yourselves out.

This is my rant and comments have been disabled because, frankly, I don’t want to read yours, even if you agree with me.  These people made me feel sicker than I already felt and I’ve had all I can take.

UPDATE:  Since I’m equally sure that bigotry, moral indignation, ignorance and persecution are alive and well here in Florida, too, I have already completed my voting through absentee ballot and I voted NO to Florida’s 2008 Amendment 2, entitled “Florida Marriage Protection Amendment”.  As though voting ‘yes’ to this amendment will somehow ‘safeguard’ marriage from…okay, I give up…I have no clue what they think they are protecting marriage from with this amendment, which is summarized as follows:

Amendment 2 would place into the Florida Constitution language that defines “marriage” as “the legal union of only one man and one woman.” The amendment would further prohibit the state from recognizing any other legal union that is treated as marriage or the equivalent of such a relationship.

The last I heard here in Florida, the only real objection (i.e., not religious) was from health insurance companies who were all het up about how they would now have to cover more “spouses” under Family plans rather than two individuals under Single plans (and how this was going to raise everyone’s premiums).  Well, that’s all bunco, too, because SOMETHING is going to have to be done about health-care, too; don’t know what, but change is coming one way or another, so that argument won’t wash.

Here’s the California’s Superintendent of Schools response to Mr. Perkin’s thoroughly misleading commercial:

If you’re interested in reading more about California’s Vote No On Proposition 8, Don’t Eliminate Marriage for Anyone, Campaign, click here.  If you’re interested in reading more about California’s Vote Yes On Proposition 8, too bad, I’m not interested in helping you.  Can you tell I’m feeling really bitchy on this subject?  Those of you who read this blog regularly know I’m normally very empathetic to both sides, but on this issue I am just…livid.  This is a question of human rights and dignity, not religion, but I defy those who will vote ‘yes’ to do so without dragging religion into their decision.

At least here in Florida they’re not fighting over this on TV, or I’m just not watching the right TV stations (and if so, I’m mighty happy about it).

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