Official Heart-Attack Day…But Not For Me Any Longer

30 Sep

Today is the last day of the fiscal year for the U.S. Government, which means that if any of my dear local friends are going to have a heart-attack, today is the day.  The pressure put on Federal civilian employees to spend your hard earned taxes before the appropriations that authorized their expenditure expires on the 30th of each September is unbelievable.  I’m not kidding when I say people will be dead before the stroke of midnight tonight.  And the rush to get money out the door will start right up again tomorrow as the pressure to spend the new fiscal year appropriations begins.

Who is getting all this money and why are they getting it?

A whole slew of people who don’t actually work for the U.S. Government will get billions because our Congresspeople and Senators decreed that they are to get it, that’s who and why.  Those of us on the inside call these gobblers of our hard earned taxes, “Contractors,” with a capital ‘C’.  In the military branch of the Government (that would be the Department of Defense, for those who care), most of all those billions of dollars you hear are being spent don’t go to our warriors or even lowly bureaucrats.  No, it’s mom-and-pop store-fronts on up to Lockheed-Martin-like corporations, often referred to in total as the “Military Industrial Complex.”  Most Government employees see them as the enemy; in fact, in Washington, DC, they’re called Beltway Bandits (some even call them special interest groups and lobbyists, but I digress).  I never saw or treated them as the enemy, but I never did tend to view much of anyone in such an adversarial light.  I was always a win-win type of negotiator; I’d be a failure as a “dark” witch ‘cuz I’d never be able to pull off a hex.  I can get mad, for sure, but I can’t ever sustain such a negative emotion for more than an hour or so, and a hex takes a heck of a lot of anger sustained over a very long period of time!  So, I’m a very nice “light” colored witch, thank you very much.

But I’m quit of all that “spend, spend, hurry, hurry, spend” cycle now.  Just lazing around on my butt, letting my arteries fill up with cholesterol.  I might still die of a heart-attack, but not today and probably not tomorrow.  HAE will probably get me first!  Ah, life do have its small consolations after all.

Just letting you in on the things I think about when I brush my teeth…and now you know.  Enlightening, isn’t it?  You can go back to sleep now.

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  1. Marvin October 7, 2008 at 9:23 PM #

    I remember when Red Army trucks rumbled through the streets of Soviet cities, 24 hours a day, at the end of their fiscal year, to burn all of their stored fuel so that they could justify the same allocation of fuel next year. How bizarre.

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