My “Comment” Dreams Come True!

24 Sep

I finally get to retire the “begging bowl” I’ve been shaking at’s customer service team every three months for the past year asking for the same type of ‘comment’ support that is available over on Blogger. Now it seems my begging is going to pay off. Yippee!

Automattic (the lovely people who bring us the and blogging products) are acquiring IntenseDebate, a comment system that enhances and encourages discussion on your blog or website.

IntenseDebate will supercharge my comment section with cool features like threading, reply by email, voting, reputation, and global profiles.  Automattic says that ‘reply by email’ is the easiest to implement on a platform like, so I’m hopeful that we’ll see it soon.  IntenseDebate is used by the Blogger platform, so I think it may work very much like posting comments to BlogSpot blogs.

Now I’ll have to think of something new to beg for!

One Response to “My “Comment” Dreams Come True!”

  1. Marvin September 29, 2008 at 10:25 PM #

    Ha! You go!

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