Kat’s Life Is Changed By [Lipstick Red] Quality

18 Aug

My cool, new polymer clay press/pasta machine arrived today!  And never having owned a REAL pasta machine before, I have to confess I nearly had a pasta orgasm when I set this baby up.

First, red is my new favorite color for the kitchen.  Everything I buy for my kitchen from now on is going to be lipstick red because that is how life should be lived.  The rollers were shiny and bright; not a fleck of anything resembling rust.  The handle has flanges on it that fit into the turning slot like a key; it doesn’t just have some grooves etched into it that will eventually smooth out.  It has a loading sheet, just in case my clay is tooo heavy for me to hold as it feeds into the rollers.  I even tried the fettuccine maker and made lovely strips that I can think of a trillion ideas they could be used for creatively.

As I reverently buffed my fingermarks off the gleaming stainless steel, I said a thanks to the Goddess that she had that POS send me her POS so I would recognize, own and value true quality.  The God and Goddess truly do work in mysterious ways!

Life is good and all is well in the land of orange juice and hurricanes.

Polymer Clay Press Posing as a Pasta Maker

Polymer Clay Press Posing as a Pasta Maker

Polymer Clay Press

Polymer Clay Press

2 Responses to “Kat’s Life Is Changed By [Lipstick Red] Quality”

  1. gt281 August 19, 2008 at 4:16 AM #

    I am saddened by the fact that now all your time will be
    given to a lipstick red mangler…boo hoo hoo,, no more
    visits to my Blogswamp from the FaerieKat…boo hoo hoo…
    Where’s my bottle of Bacardi elixir?….

  2. John December 18, 2008 at 9:57 AM #

    That’s a good looking pasta press! Good for a little flair in the kitchen.

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