Fairy Foals: The Journal of a Magical Garden

19 Jul

Written and illustrated by Suzanah, who hails from Australia, this 9.25 X 12.25 hardcover book of colorful paintings, detailed sketches, delightful poems and story journaling will charm both children and adults.

Suzanah introduces us to the tiny fairy foals that inhabit her Grandmother’s garden, which she discovered after she inherited her Grandmother’s house in the country. I promise you will find it very challenging to pick a favorite from amongst the herd!  There’s Little Brown, Fuzz, Fly, Snowflake, Dancer, Chaser, Pixie, and Sapphire, each uniquely gifted and beautiful.

Bringing us into the garden with her, Suzanah entices us to experience the antics, playfulness and clever thinking of these magical creatures, awakening our own inner fairy foal.

The painting colors are vibrant, the settings are lush, and the execution is flawless. The black and white “sketches” are so detailed and beautiful they easily rival the color paintings for attention. The poetry is pleasing without being pedantic or syrupy, and the prose is charming, light and lilting.

Every faerie enthusiast should have this book on his or her bookshelf or coffee table.

Every parent who has a child who loves either fairies or horses definitely needs to give their child this incredible gift of imagination.

You can find this book on-line at Amazon.

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