Rosebuds By No Other Name

22 Jan

According to the Robert Bangert “language of flowers,” certain rose colors carry specific symbolic meanings:

  • Red: love, “I Love You”
  • Pink: grace, gentle feelings of love
  • Dark Pink: gratitude
  • Light Pink: admiration, sympathy
  • White: innocence, purity, secrecy, friendship, reverence and humility
  • Yellow: often akin to joy and deep friendship or platonic love (in German speaking countries, however, they can mean jealousy and infidelity)
  • Yellow with red tips: friendship, falling in love
  • Orange: passion
  • Burgundy: beauty
  • Blue: mystery (further information: blue rose)
  • Green: calm
  • Black: used to signify death (black being the color of death), often of old habits; in a positive light, it signifies rebirth after death; also, slavish devotion (as a true black rose is impossible to produce)
  • Purple: protection (paternal/maternal love)

I create my own banners and I’ve fooled around with digital art for many years, using flowers from my garden. Here are two more pretty specimens to brighten a chilly winter day and remind us that spring is on it’s way.


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