What to Say When You Call Congress About SBS

18 Jan

Here are Holly’s instructions; she’s done all the footwork to make it so easy for us:

When you call, state your name plus your city and state of origin. Ask to speak with the particular official you are calling. They will almost never answer to speak to you so then ask for a member of the staff in charge of health and child abuse policies.

When they answer, state your name again and tell them why you are calling. You are calling to voice you opinion on the proposed bill (S. 1204 for Senate or H.R. 2052 for House) and why it is important to you.

PLEASE ask that the particular member “SIGN ON AS A COSPONSOR” for this bill. Please use this wording!

That’s it. Nothing more to it. Please call every member for your state and have your friends and family make calls as well. Then let us know how it went!

Go here for phone numbers for all states.


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