Make Congress Aware of SBS

18 Jan

This is a sample letter than Holly sent to her congressional representatives and senators:

I typed this letter to send to congress. Feel free to use this, portions of, or write your own.

IN SUPPORT OF S. 1204 AND H.R. 2052
There is nothing more important than protecting our children. If there is, please tell me what.
Did you know that shaking a baby for as little as 3 seconds can cause blindness, severe brain damage or even death? Don’t think it can’t happen to someone you love. Each year an estimated 1200-3000 cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome occur. 27% of cases are caused by non-relatives and others, such as babysitters, aunts, uncles and even close family friends! Many in state licensed daycare facilities. Frequently with no history of violence. Who is caring for the children you love?
I am part of a large group of members dedicated to putting a stop to SBS through education and awareness as well as stronger penalties for perpetrators. We will be voting for someone who has shown to be committed to protecting our children. Today I am asking you to support THE SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME PREVENTION ACT OF 2007.
25-50% of parents are unaware of the risks involved with SBS. We walk for premature babies, we relay for cancer. Isn’t time we brought awareness about the leading cause of death in infant abuses cases? We need to pass S. 1204 & H.R. 2052!!
September was shaken by her father. She is now 8 years old and cannot walk, speak or see. Alex was shaken by his mother’s boyfriend and he too is unable to walk, speak or see. McKynzee was beaten and shaken by her father and has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, hydrocephalus and a feeding tube, to name a few. She also cannot walk, speak, see or even hold her head up. Her abuser has yet to be prosecuted in the 4 years that have passed since the attack. Madi died after she was shaken by a day care provider. Mekenna, and Cynthia died from injuries after being shaken by a family friend. So many lives have been devastated!
I beg you to sign on as cosponsor for the Shaken Baby Prevention Act of 2007. The only way this can be stopped is through education and we need your help! Feel free to email me when you have signed on as co-sponsor so I can share the news that our babies can count on you! Please don’t let our children down!

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